Houston Interactive Accident Map

Houston Interactive Accident Map

This map shows every road accident involving a car, truck, bicycle or motorcycle in Montgomery, Harris, Fort Bend, Liberty and Chambers counties reported to the Texas Department of Transportation between July 2007 and December 2011.

How to Read This Map

Did You Know?

  • Between 2007 and 2011 there were a staggering 244,207 vehicle accidents reported in the five counties of Chambers, Fort Bend, Harris, Liberty and Montgomery around Houston Texas
  • The Houston area averages over 48,000 accidents every year, more than 131 accidents per day, an average of almost 6 every hour!
  • In 2008 the number of accidents recorded was 34,882, yet in 2010, the number rose to 49,654 (a 42% increase).
  • Fort Bend County is the only county with an increasing accident rate!
  • The East Freeway Highway 10 & Highway 146 intersection are the most dangerous in the County based on this data.
  • 24 FATAL accidents are recorded in this same area from 2007 to 2012.



Use manual controls on the left of the map to adjust zoom level of the map. To move the map, you can either "click and drag" the map, or click on the directional arrows above the zoom control. Choose the county data you want to display by clicking the county name on the right - the default is Chambers County. Select the year or years to be included by clicking on the check box next to that year. Select the severity of accident from the 'type of accident' list. Then click on LOAD to refresh the map with the new configuration.

Zooming in on the Detail

Use the + - controls on the map to zoom in or out, or simply click on the map. Zooming in gradually defines where the accident actually occurred. The lowest zoom level will show individual accidents with a color coded Pin. The color and letter on the Pin indicates the accident severity. Click on the pin to see the available accident detail. Detail includes: severity, vehicle type, accident time, location ID etc.

Street Level View

Drag the person shape figure above the + control onto the area of the map to see the street level view. The image appears below the map. Change direction of the view with the compass type direction control above zoom and figure controls. This will provide a virtual 360 degree view.

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