SECRETS of Liberty Mutual Car Accident Claims EXPOSED 2024

SECRETS of Liberty Mutual Car Accident Claims EXPOSED 2024

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“Responsibility. What’s Your Policy?” or "Only Pay For What You Need"

Those are the slogans we hear on Liberty Mutual commercials. Yes, Liberty Mutual wants you to think they will take responsibility to help you after a car wreck, and paying their premiums leads to good coverage.


As the company has grown, they are swallowing up other insurance companies, such as Safeco. Now their only “responsibility” is to maintain corporate profits by paying as little as they can on legitimate Liberty Mutual auto claims from injured accident victims.

While most auto insurance companies use similar claim adjusting procedures, no two companies are the same. Our car accident attorneys have been successfully fighting Liberty Mutual claims adjusters for years. Now, those adjusters know they are in for a battle when they see our tenacious personal injury lawyers on the other side of the table.

We know all their tricks, and they know who WE are too.

When you’re fighting Liberty Mutual over a car accident claim, you need a law firm that knows how to hold them accountable. If you're struggling with Liberty Mutual claims, call us right now for a free consultation at 1-800-898-4877 or contact us online to discuss your case for free.

In the meantime, here are a few Liberty Mutual claims secrets to look out for:

SECRET #1 - Liberty Mutual Is NOT About Responsibility After a Crash. It's All About Corporate PROFIT

Liberty Mutual is a worldwide insurance giant, ranked the fourth-largest insurance company in the United States. Over the past century, the company has expanded to 800 locations with numerous subsidiaries, including Safeco and Peerless Insurance. The company rakes in billions of dollars in revenue on an annual basis and was ranked 75th on Fortune’s 100 List. Trust us when we say Liberty Mutual is only focused on making money!

The top revenue generator for Liberty Mutual is car insurance, so if you’re in a car accident, there’s a good chance the at-fault driver is covered by Liberty Mutual. If so, you may have to file a Liberty Mutual claim to recover your losses.

But BEWARE—Liberty Mutual puts its OWN financial interests first, not the interests of its policyholders, and CERTAINLY not the interests of the people injured by their insureds. How do they maintain their bottom line? By paying out as little as possible on valid Liberty Mutual claims, leaving injured victims broke and out of luck.

SECRET #2 - Liberty Mutual Will DENY, DELAY, and DEFEND!

The American Association for Justice (AAJ) published a report, “The Ten Worst Insurance Companies in America,” and, not surprisingly, Liberty Mutual made the list! One of the major allegations was that the company hired insurance consultants McKinsey & Co. to update its policies—and these policies do not favor injured claimants.

According to AAJ, this particular consultant firm encourages Liberty Mutual claims adjusters to “Deny, Delay, and Defend” insurance claims. Using this tactic ensures Liberty Mutual claims payments are as low as possible. And if the accident victim is not represented by a lawyer who will push back, it works almost every time!

The report also shows that Liberty Mutual has systematically lowered settlement amounts year after year, even for valid injury claims. Its claims processing has become significantly slower, with worse results for legitimate claimants.

With so many people having such a HORRIBLE experience, it’s no shock that claimants are filing more and more lawsuits against the company to recover the money they deserve!

If you were in a car accident caused by a Liberty Mutual policyholder, you should contact an attorney who has experience dealing with Liberty Mutual auto claims RIGHT AWAY to protect your legal rights.

The attorneys at Stewart J. Guss Injury Lawyers know when a Liberty Mutual claims adjuster is improperly DENYING, DELAYING, or DEFENDING an injury claim. We can tell when Liberty Mutual wrongfully refuses to pay a settlement, and we can fight for what’s right for you.

In addition, because lawsuits against Liberty Mutual are so common, you NEED a car accident attorney who’s ready to go to bat for you in court. Our attorneys are not afraid to face off against Liberty Mutual in the courtroom to make sure you don’t become a victim again.

SECRET #3 - Liberty Mutual Even Shows BAD FAITH Toward Their Own Policyholders!

Liberty Mutual auto insurance is a popular option for many car and motor vehicle drivers. However, its policy to reduce payments on accident claims also applies to its policyholders, not just third-party claimants!

If you are a policyholder with Liberty Mutual, you may need to make an uninsured motorist claim or another type of auto insurance claim under your own policy. Chances are good you may also experience their deny, delay, and defend tactics. Even though you pay your premiums on time, year after year, they won’t return this loyalty. They’ll seldom take responsibility when their own policyholders have a Liberty Mutual auto claim.

As your insurance provider, they have a responsibility to honor the details of your insurance policy, even if they don't want to. However, they rarely make it easy. Even when you pay your deductible and work with their insurance claims representatives, you may find that they are less than helpful. In some cases, you may even find that they are working in bad faith.

How Can an Insurance Company Act in Bad Faith?

Some examples of bad faith tactics involved in Liberty Mutual complaints include adjusters:

  • Not fully investigating claims
  • Causing unnecessary delays
  • Denying a valid claim
  • Refusing to offer a reasonable settlement
  • Not adequately defending against a lawsuit
  • Unfairly interpreting the terms of an auto insurance policy

At the same time, while policyholders are experiencing such bad faith actions, their insurance rates may also increase! According to the AAJ report, federal insurance regulators have accused Liberty Mutual of engaging in systemic bid-rigging.

Liberty Mutual is one of many companies that were alleged to have participated in bid-rigging schemes. Broker Marsh & McLennan helped them raise rates to justify premium increases. While the company denied the accusations, it agreed to settle claims in certain states for millions of dollars.

Remember, if Liberty Mutual is willing to take advantage of its own customers to make more profits, it certainly won't want to pay a reasonable settlement to injured claimants!

SECRET #4 - Be Wary of EVERY Car Accident Injury Insurance Settlement Offer

Auto insurance is required by law in every state. As a policyholder, you might expect a relatively streamlined auto insurance claim process, especially when injuries are involved. However, this could not be further from reality.

Each auto insurance company has its own sneaky tactics to take advantage of policyholders and claimants. Liberty Mutual is no different. As companies grow, so does their greed, and so does their potential for underhanded or even fraudulent tactics.

Too many people trust insurance settlement offers and accept them without realizing:

  • Initial offers are generally grossly low compared to the actual value of a claim.
  • By accepting an offer, you give up your rights to any additional compensation related to that accident. So, even if you need additional treatment in the future, you cannot ask for more money.
  • You have legal rights. Exercise them! You can negotiate a higher settlement or file a lawsuit instead of accepting an unreasonable offer.

Liberty Mutual is only one of many auto insurance giants that seem more concerned about its profits than its consumers. Always be wary of insurance settlement offers and discuss them with an experienced attorney before you sign anything.

Don't Expect Your Liberty Mutual Claims to Be Handled Fairly

Liberty Mutual Insurance is the third largest property and casualty insurer in the United States. It's based in Boston, Massachusetts, and employs more than 45,000 people around the world. It offers a wide range of insurance products and services, including home insurance, car insurance, life insurance, and more. But make no mistake, its top priority is making a profit, not paying accident claims.

Soon after a crash, an insurance representative may call you. They'll ask you some claims questions, including the basic details of the accident and the date of the incident. They'll say they are simply collecting information to process your claim. However, this "helpful" service does not mean that they are on your side after a crash. In fact, far from it.

Liberty Mutual is on the Fortune 100 list for a reason! They rake in billions of dollars every year by paying injured accident victims as little as possible. Don't let this happen to you!

Work With a Lawyer That Knows How to Fight Liberty Mutual Claims Adjusters

Trust Guss Injury Lawyers regularly challenges companies like Liberty Mutual, and we'll fight to get you every cent you are rightfully owed. We handle the auto insurance claim process, and we are prepared to “move mountains” to get our clients everything they deserve.

The attorneys of Trust Guss Injury Lawyers are nationally recognized car accident lawyers who have protected the rights of injured car accident victims for decades. If you were injured in a car wreck and are dealing with a Liberty Mutual claims adjuster, call our office right now to schedule a free consultation!

Because we take all of our personal injury cases on a contingent fee basis, you will not owe us a DIME unless we win your case. To schedule your case evaluation, call us today at (800) 898-4877 or contact us online now.