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The process of filing an accident claim is difficult and complex. You're already under a ton of stress, dealing with injuries, bills, damaged property, or all three. Predatory insurance companies will try to take advantage of you when you're most vulnerable.

When it comes to dealing with insurance companies after an accident, denied claims, pending payments, or unfair settlements seem to come with the territory. It doesn't have to be that way. The good news is that by hiring the right Houston insurance company claims lawyer, you send an immediate message that you're ready to fight for your rights. These companies know that Stewart J. Guss and his team of legal professionals do not back down. 

Your goals are our goals: a fair settlement and a smooth recovery. Stand up and fight back against insurance companies by working with an attorney who has extensive experience handling all types of Houston insurance claims.

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Why Choose Stewart J. Guss Injury Lawyers to Handle Your Houston Insurance Company Claim

Insurance companies will try every trick in the book to avoid making payouts. So who do you turn to for help? It's important to remember that not all law firms have the same experience and values when it comes to handling insurance claims.

Some firms will push clients to accept any offer so they can resolve a greater number of cases in a shorter period of time. These so-called “settlement mills” don't always focus on what's best for the client. Instead, they want to get clients in and out the door as fast as possible… which rarely results in a fair settlement.

Attorney Stewart Guss and his legal team put our clients' interests first. We founded our law firm in Houston in 1999 with a mission to provide the highest level of legal representation to those injured because of someone else's negligence.

With decades of combined experience taking on insurance companies and beating them at their own game, we're ready to help you recover compensation for your financial losses. Let us take the stress out of this for you, and get you the full payment you deserve. Let our next victory be yours!

Remember, you don't pay us anything unless we win your case. Initial consultations are free, and we are available to answer your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at 800-898-4877, or CLICK HERE to submit your claim and get an immediate response and evaluation.

Why You Need an Insurance Claims Attorney

When you pursue an accident claim, you are not suing the individual who hit you in most cases. Instead, you are holding their insurance company accountable. Lawyers who sue insurance companies know the ins and outs of these cases - as well as the tricks used by each individual insurance company. They can help you reach a fair settlement and get your life back on track after an accident.

When you present a valid claim to the insurance company, you expect them to uphold their promises and put a prompt payment in your pocket. But don't get your hopes up. Despite their constant promises to be a “good neighbor” or that “you are in good hands,” plenty of insurance companies are difficult and stubborn. They may refuse to pay a legitimate claim. One thing to keep in mind: insurers are corporations. Just like Walmart, Ford, or other major corporations, insurance companies are out to make money for themselves, not to protect you or other policyholders.

Often, this selfish approach leads to complications, unnecessary delays, and denials of your claim. This is true no matter what types of insurance policies you're dealing with. Policyholders can be individuals, small businesses, or large corporations.

As anyone involved in insurance coverage disputes knows, it's hard to get paid what you deserve. The insurance process is often a roller coaster of empty promises, complications, and attempts at manipulation by adjusters. Even for an experienced insurance claims attorney, it often takes many rounds of negotiations before the insurer will make a fair offer.

Without the right lawyer on your side, the process can seem hopeless. Fortunately, assistance with your insurance claim is right under your nose. Stewart Guss and his dedicated legal team regularly assist clients with different types of insurance claims. With over 20 years of experience, we've seen it all. Call us right now for a FREE consultation at 800-898-4877, or CLICK HERE to send us a question or get more information about your potential case. 

Types of Houston Insurance Claims We Handle

Below are some of the insurance claims our law firm typically handles.

Car Accident Claims

In Texas, insurance claims from traffic accidents are some of the most common. In fact, the City of Houston reported 1,620 serious injury accidents on Houston streets in a recent year, along with 331 traffic-related fatalities. That means someone loses their life nearly everyday due to a traffic accident in Houston, and around five people suffer serious injuries.

Thus, it's no surprise how many car accident insurance claims are filed in the Houston area. Some specific types of claims include: 

Claims Against Other Drivers

Many car accidents involving two vehicles happen because one driver was negligent in some way. Our law firm can identify when another driver should be liable for your injuries and losses. Furthermore, we can help relieve some of your stress by handling the filing of a claim with that driver's auto insurance policy. Auto insurance companies won't simply accept your side of the story and pay.

Instead, your car accident attorney will have to work to prove liability on the part of the other driver. The insurer will often try to limit liability by claiming you were at least partially at fault for the crash. We know how to combat these allegations and seek the full amount you deserve from the negligent driver's insurance company. 

Uninsured Motorist Claims

Not every driver carries the minimum insurance that Texas law requires. In this case, a driver may decide to leave the scene of the accident to avoid responsibility, leaving you as the victim of a hit and run without any insurance information. If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, you can still file a claim with your own uninsured motorist policy.

Many people think that because they pay their premiums on time, their own insurance company will be more cooperative. However, any insurance company can be difficult, whether it is yours or another driver's. This can be particularly frustrating, but our firm regularly helps clients with uninsured motorist claims navigate their personal auto insurance policies and come out on top. 

Rideshare Accidents

Many people use rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft to get around the Houston area. While these services are convenient, rideshare drivers can get in accidents just like any other driver. Whether you are an Uber or Lyft passenger or in another vehicle hit by a rideshare driver in Houston, you may need to file an insurance claim to recover for your losses.

Rideshare drivers should have their own personal auto insurance policies. However, if a driver has inadequate insurance or the policy refuses to cover a specific accident, Uber and Lyft each have $1 million insurance policies covering drivers who are actively engaged in a ride, i.e. picking up a passenger or transporting a passenger for their app. Houston rideshare accidents may require a claim with the corporation's insurance, or even multiple insurance claims. A skilled insurance claims lawyer will know how to handle these complicated claims and seek compensation for Uber and Lyft accident victims.

Truck Accident Claims

Accidents involving commercial trucks can be particularly dangerous and may result in severe injuries. Multiple parties may also be held liable: even if a truck driver caused a crash, the driver's employer may be strictly liable for the negligence of its employee.

This means you might file claims with the driver's individual auto policy as well as the trucking company's corporate policy. Sound difficult? It is.

Trucking companies have insurance companies and lawyers ready to fight against liability at all costs. They have their own investigators who will try to prove that you were responsible for the accident in order to avoid paying you. This is why you need the expertise of a seasoned attorney on your side, every step of the way.

Premises Liability Claims

Not all accidents happen on the road. You can suffer serious injuries while grocery shopping, browsing at the mall, or visiting another large store, restaurant, hotel, or establishment. When these businesses do not address hazards on their premises, visitors and customers can get hurt, and the company should cover the costs of their injuries.

Whether you suffered a slip and fall accident, a fall down the stairs, a swimming pool accident, or any other incident on a company's premises, there could be an insurance battle in your future. You may think that a company and its insurer will own up to its wrongdoing and want to make the situation right. This is usually not the case.

Take, for example, how Walmart handles slip and fall claims. The company has its very own insurance company, Claims Management, Inc., devoted to handling only claims against Walmart. The company's entire goal is to limit Walmart's liability for accidents that happen in-store. If they go through the effort of forming their own company for this purpose, you can imagine what type of fight they will put up during your claims process. 

Premises liability claims against companies are no easier than traffic accident claims. Regardless of what type of insurance claim is in your future, expect the unexpected. To ensure the best outcome possible and to limit your stress, call our Houston insurance claim law firm for help before you file your claim.

Obstacles You Might Face During the Insurance Process

Even when you are well-prepared, the insurance process is rarely straightforward. Instead, there are hiccups and obstacles at every turn. Many insurance companies do this on purpose to frustrate claimants and drive them to accept a low settlement just to “get it over with.”

After all, when you're healing from an injury, the last thing you want is to constantly grapple with adjusters and bad faith insurance claims. The following are some possible obstacles you may face after filing an insurance claim:

The insurance adjuster wants you to give a recorded statement about what happened and your condition. 

You should never do this. Be aware that insurance adjusters do not have the right to a recorded statement from you unless litigation is already in process. Insurance companies will stoop to taking your statements out of context to use against you and limit your claim. It is always better to have a lawyer handle all communications with the insurance company for you.

The adjuster claims you are responsible for your accident. 

Many insurance adjusters will use any information possible to insinuate that you were also at fault for your own injuries. In many cases, people don't know how to fight these assertions or how to proceed. Our legal team regularly fights allegations of negligence regarding our clients. Additionally, under Texas law, even if you were 49% responsible for an accident, you still have the right to receive at least some compensation from the party that was 51% responsible.

The adjuster questions the value of your claim.

Often, insurance adjusters will approve certain damages you claimed but will refuse to pay others. They may justify a reduction in your claim by stating your injuries didn't all result from the accident, that you didn't need to miss as much work as you did, or that you didn't need all the medical treatment you received. Our legal team is skilled at proving the severity and effects of all of your accident-related injuries in order to maximize your settlement.

The adjuster makes a lowball offer. 

Almost every insurance company will start with a ridiculously low offer on the off-chance that you actually accept it. Always have your lawyer review a settlement offer before you accept anything. If the insurance company refuses to offer a fair settlement, your attorney can take them to court and sue for the money you need.

Facing obstacles like these in the insurance process is much easier with the right legal team on your side. Our experienced Houston insurance lawyers can help in many ways, guiding you through every step of your insurance claim.

Choose a Houston Insurance Claims Law Firm With Strength, Integrity, and Experience

It is easy to feel helpless when you're up against an insurance company, but remember, the law is on your side. Insurance companies don't want you to know that the law entitles you to compensation from liable parties. They will try anything to get you to back down. An experienced insurance law firm can stand up to giant insurance companies and ensure they take you and your claim seriously.

As attorneys who have practiced insurance law for many years, Stewart Guss and his team are not afraid to go head-to-head with any insurance company around. Our law firm will fight for our clients' rights and do everything in our power to see that insurance companies pay you what you are rightfully owed. You've always paid your premiums, so now it's time to make sure they pay your claim.

We have a thorough understanding of how insurance companies operate from years of experience dealing with all of the major insurance companies in Texas and throughout the United States. We're a choice you can feel good about. If you believe that your insurance company is not handling your claim fairly for whatever reason, call the law office of Attorney Stewart Guss and discuss your situation. Never sign anything from your insurer until you speak with us, or you risk losing some or all of the compensation that is due to you. Protect your rights and know your options.

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