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    Our Team
    Stewart J. Guss Founder
    C. Scott Whitehouse Business Manager
    Jason Ruen Managing Executive Attorney
    Brantley Sasseen Senior Executive Attorney
    Matthew Bonilla Senior Associate Attorney
    Ryan Berchelmann Senior Associate Attorney
    Donald A. Garcia Associate Attorney
    Los Angeles Office
    Zachary Wooldridge Associate Attorney
    Evette Hooper Associate Attorney
    Brian Page Associate Attorney
    New Orleans Office
    Michelle Moody Vendor Relationship Manager
    Joselyn Valladares Post Settlement Manager
    Teresa Flores Manager, Case Manager Team
    Sean Schmitt Executive Manager of
    Marketing & Technology
    Yuny Rodriguez Legal Assistant Manager
    Derek Thorworth Chief Investigator
    Tiffany Little Intake & Referral Team Manager
    Adrea Yoss Associate Attorney
    Jessica Rodriguez-Wahlquist Associate Attorney