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18 Oct

Head-On Truck Collisions

By Stewart Guss

You might think head-on collisions involving heavy trucks are rare. But you’d be wrong. They. Happen. All. The. Time. Truck-involved […]

11 Oct

Common Trucks on the Road

By Stewart Guss

Do you know your box truck from your big rig? Your delivery truck from your dump truck? Yes? No? Maybe […]

09 Oct

Causes of Truck Accidents

By Stewart Guss

The trucking industry is responsible for moving the goods we need and want throughout the country. As leaders in the […]

04 Oct

When people read about severe car accidents or talk about them with others, the focus often lies on the physical […]

25 Sep

You’re sitting at a stoplight, minding your own business, thinking about your day, when—BAM!—some idiot slams the front end of […]

24 Sep

Maybe you had a long shift at work, were hanging out late watching movies with friends, kept waking up every […]

23 Sep

Fatal traffic accidents occur on our nation’s roads and highways for a wide variety of reasons, but some driver behaviors […]

21 Sep

What should you do after a car accident that wasn’t your fault? You’ll find a lot of advice floating around […]

20 Sep

Important Steps for Protecting Your Future A car accident is a sudden and traumatic event that changes your life. Experiencing […]

16 Sep

Six Causes, Seven Preventative Steps, and Five Actions You Should Take Afterward Like many other dangerous types of car accidents, […]

14 Sep

A woman who accidentally cut off another driver in Houston found herself literally dodging bullets in an alleged road rage […]

10 Sep

What is Reckless Driving?

By Stewart Guss

It’s a challenge to feel safe behind the wheel when you share the road with so many bad drivers. Many […]

30 Aug

Semi-truck accidents can be devastating as well as deadly, and that doesn’t include putting the pieces back together after the […]

30 Aug

According to a report from the CDC, approximately nine people are killed, and a thousand are injured every day, as […]

30 Aug

In personal injury claims, liability is one of the most important issues. If negligence is proven and someone is deemed […]

30 Aug

Truck Tire Blowout Causes

By Stewart Guss

A tire blowout is when a tire quickly loses air pressure so severely that it “blows” and the driver loses […]

30 Aug

While almost all vehicles have blind spots, big rigs and semi-trucks are perhaps the most notorious for the size as […]

30 Aug

Truck accidents are serious matters because of the size of trucks. Following such an accident, insurance companies will likely offer […]

29 Aug

Lawyers advertise all the time that they want to help injured individuals recover money after a truck accident. What do […]

28 Aug

A motor vehicle accident is a sudden event that may happen in a second but can change your life forever. […]