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As Motorcyclists Age, Their Risk of Injury Goes Up

 February 17, 2017

Houston Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Riding a motorcycle is inherently a high-risk activity. These vehicles are incredibly fast, maneuverable, and have none of the protections offered by cars, trucks, and other vehicles in which the operator is actually inside the vehicle. As a result, when motorcyclists are involved in accidents, they are often very seriously injured. There are many things about getting older that many …

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Recovering Compensation After a Single-Vehicle Motorcycle Crash

 February 13, 2017

Houston Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Single-vehicle motorcycle accidents injure a substantial number of people every year. While it may initially seem like single vehicle crashes generally would not entitle victims to compensation, in reality, many people who are involved in these kinds of wrecks are to able recover for their losses. Like any other accident, in order to be actionable, a single-vehicle crash must have …

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Recovering Damages in a Texas Truck-Accident Case

 February 10, 2017

Houston Semi-Truck Collision Attorney

Commercial trucks can weigh upwards of 30 times what your car weighs, so even a minor accident can result in overwhelming damage and injury. Cases resulting from big-rig or semi-truck accidents are complicated and the amount you will recover in damages is based upon many different factors. You should not try to negotiate this complex system on your own but should …

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Amazon Self-Driving Trucks

 February 6, 2017

Houston Commercial Truck Accident Attorney

Amazon is an innovative leader in e-commerce as well as delivery services. Amazon’s next endeavor is to conquer the world self-driving trucks. Given Amazon’s success in its different business areas, it is not unimaginable to believe that Amazon will have relative success in this area as well. Amazon wants to develop a fleet of self-driving commercial trucks and to use this …

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Determining the Value of a Car Accident Case

 February 2, 2017

Car Accident Lawyer in Houston

Texas is not a no-fault insurance state. Therefore, whenever there is an accident, the at-fault party shall be responsible for compensating the injured party. The amount of compensation is calculated using several factors including economic and non-economic costs, value multipliers, and even the total percentage of fault. The amount of damages that an injured party recovers shall also depend on …

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Commercial Trucks and Mechanical Failure

 January 31, 2017

Truck Accident Lawyer in Texas

Because we all share the road, commercial trucks – as large and as imposing as they are – represent an obvious potential danger to other vehicles. In fact, the U.S. Department of Transportation1 finds that the number of injury-causing crashes involving big rigs has steadily increased since 2009. Because of their massive size, semi trucks are apt to cause the …

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3 Things to Know About Houston Truck Accidents

 January 27, 2017

Texas Big Rig Crash Lawyer

People who have been involved in accidents with a commercial vehicle are often confused and uncertain about how to proceed. Fortunately, if you find yourself in this situation, you can enlist the help of an experienced truck accident lawyer to represent your interests. Here are three things that victims should keep in mind about truck accidents that happen in and …

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Truck Drivers and Untreated Sleep Apnea

 January 23, 2017

18-Wheeler Crash Attorney

The health condition called sleep apnea causes a person’s breathing to stop during their sleep. In order to start breathing again, the person will briefly wake from sleep though they may not realize it is happening. This pattern can happen hundreds of times per night, which means that people who believe they got a good night’s sleep may actually have …

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Truck Passengers Can Cause Serious Distractions

 January 20, 2017

Houston Tractor Trailer Crash Attorney

When you think about distracted driving, you probably think of texting and other distractions related to handheld mobile devices. Few of us likely consider how distracting it can be to simply have a passenger in the vehicle with us – after all, having passengers is an ordinary and common part of driving. However, a recent truck accident demonstrates how important …

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Will Self-Driving Trucks Become a Reality?

 January 16, 2017

Houston Truck Accident Law Firm

Most people who pay attention to technology or motor vehicle news are aware that companies like Google, Uber, and Tesla have manufactured automated or semi-automated cars that can drive with minimal help from human drivers. Now, companies like Uber are trying to make use of automated technology in the trucking industry, as well. Uber has purchased a self-driving truck that …

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