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You got hurt and it’s NOT YOUR FAULT. Someone else made a negligent or reckless decision and stuck you with suffering the consequences. Now, that “someone” needs to pay. So, how do you make sure you recover every last dollar you deserve for your pain, suffering, lost wages, and that MOUNTAIN of medical bills that are sure to pile up on your dining room table?

If you live in Los Angeles, then there’s only one answer to that question: You hire the law firm of Stewart J. Guss, Injury Accident Lawyers.

No matter what kind of personal injury you’ve sustained, we can help you recover every penny you deserve. Don’t wait to connect with our team of experienced advisors and advocates. Our California headquarters are located at 3600 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 1136, in Los Angeles, but we handle accident and injury claims all across the great state of California.  If you have a claim to discuss, contact our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys, we’re here for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at 800-898-4877, or you can contact us now by CLICKING HERE to submit your case for review.

About the Los Angeles Legal Team at Stewart J. Guss, Injury Accident Lawyers

The legal team at Stewart J. Guss, Injury Accident Lawyers, is a group of fearless, dedicated lawyers, paralegals, and legal professionals whose single, solitary goal is to get YOU the money you deserve for your injury, and to make the process of recovering that money as easy on you as possible. We’ve represented thousands of clients nationwide in almost every kind of personal injury matter you can think of, from slips and falls to motorcycle wrecks to car accidents to catastrophic truck accidents.

We stand up to the largest insurers and corporate bullies and FIGHT for your rights. We do whatever it takes to get you the maximum compensation you need, whether that means negotiating for a settlement or taking your case to a California  courtroom and showing the jury why you deserve to WIN and why negligent, reckless defendants need to LOSE and PAY.

Types of Cases We Handle

At Stewart J. Guss, Injury Accident Lawyers, our team can help just about anyone hurt by someone else’s careless and dangerous actions, no matter what happened. Of course, we handle some cases more regularly than others. This is because people act negligently and recklessly and put Los Angelenos at risk of serious injury with greater frequency in some situations. Here are some of the more common types of cases we handle.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Drivers of motor vehicles on L.A. freeways and streets, including cars, trucks, and buses, make boneheaded mistakes behind the wheel that get other people hurt. They drive drugged or drunk, they speed, they tailgate, or they just plain don’t pay attention to the road ahead of them. Whatever the case, car accidents can leave INNOCENT victims fighting for their physical, emotional, and financial lives. We fight back by using the legal tools and financial resources at our disposal to investigate and litigate even the most complicated motor vehicle accident cases.

Trucking Accident and 18 Wheeler Cases

If you drive the highways and streets of L.A. on a regular basis, you are well aware that we have some of the worst traffic in the nation. Many of the vehicles are tractor trailers and 18 wheelers, and they always seem to be in a rush to get where they are going.  No surprise here, as the faster they deliver their cargo, the more money they make. Truck drivers, and the companies that employ them, are highly motivated to speed, “cut corners” on safety and compliance, and push the limits of safety and common sense – all in the name of profits. All to often, it is the citizens and families of Los Angeles and southern California that pay the price for this greed. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a truck accident in Los Angeles, or anywhere in California, call us right now, 24/7, at 800-898-4877 for a FREE consultation, or you can contact us now by CLICKING HERE to submit your case for review.

Motorcycle Accidents

Bikers have the same right to the road as anyone else, but too many Los Angeles drivers don’t see it that way. Instead, they drive as if motorcycles are invisible, cutting bikers off when they change lanes and turning into the path of a bike on its way through an intersection. Motorcyclists end up on the short end of these collisions, with little to protect their bodies in an impact other than a helmet and padded bike clothes. WE DON’T LET DRIVERS GET AWAY WITH THEIR DANGEROUS DISRESPECT of bikers. If you have been the victim of a motorcycle accident in Los Angeles, let us help you chase them down and make sure their insurance companies cough up maximum compensation for putting bikers in the hospital.  

Slips, Trips, Falls, and Other Incidents On Someone Else’s Property

You slipped on a wet floor at the grocery store. Your kid tore his ACL on your neighbor’s unsafe, unmonitored trampoline. You went to grab a railing in an apartment building stairwell, and the railing came off the wall and sent you tumbling backward. In California, property owners are supposed to keep visitors safe. When they don’t, visitors can end up in a wheelchair or with a traumatic brain injury, or with dozens of other serious, life-threatening injuries—all because of some dangerous condition the owner should have fixed or given a warning about. At Stewart J. Guss, Injury Accident Lawyers, we battle to hold Los Angeles property owners accountable for their negligence.

Injured Cyclists and Pedestrians

You should NEVER have to RISK YOUR LIFE to ride a bike or cross a street in L.A. California has rules for drivers to make sure they keep the roads and sidewalks safe for cyclists and pedestrians. There’s no excuse for breaking those rules and colliding with a bicycle or a person on foot. Drivers and their insurance companies must pay for the catastrophic injuries their negligence and recklessness cause. We work tirelessly to make sure that happens so that our injured clients can put their lives and shattered bodies back together.

Injured Construction Workers

If you work on a construction site, we don’t need to tell you about the dangers involved in your job. Every day around the City of Angels, construction workers suffer the consequences of careless coworkers, inadequate safety measures, and developers who cut corners and put workers in danger just to save a few bucks. The team at Stewart J. Guss, Injury Accident Lawyers, won’t let ANYONE off the hook for that kind of negligence. Construction workers put their lives on the line every day. A bad personal injury can ruin their ability to work and earn a living for their families. When a construction accident leaves a worker’s body broken, we’ll PULL OUT THE STOPS to make sure that worker receives the money it takes to heal.

Types of Injuries We Handle

Just as there’s no end to the ways someone can get hurt, our clients at Stewart J. Guss, Injury Accident Lawyers, come to us with a wide range of injuries they need help recovering from. Our team has decades of combined experience helping people recover financially from these injuries, and along the way we’ve learned quite a lot about the complications various injuries can cause, the time it takes to return to full health, and the amount of money our clients DESERVE to be paid by those who did them harm. Here are just a few of the more common injuries we help our injured clients out with.

Spinal Cord Injuries and Paralysis

The cost of dealing with a severe spinal cord injury that has resulted in at least partial, if not total, paralysis, can run UP TO A MILLION DOLLARS IN THE FIRST YEAR ALONE. Over a lifetime, that total multiplies. Almost no one can handle that kind of physical, emotional, and financial catastrophe on their own. The team at Stewart J. Guss, Injury Accident Lawyers, knows the ins and outs of the complicated medical and financial aspects of spinal cord injuries, which helps ensure our injured clients recover the right amount of money, as quickly as possible, to help them adapt to their changed lives.

Traumatic Brain Injuries and Brain Damage

Even a “mild” bump to the head can leave a person with permanent impairments—to say nothing of a major impact. Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are complex, often-unpredictable injuries. Some people recover from them completely, while other people suffer from long-term cognitive and physical deficits. On day one of a TBI, it’s hard for anyone to predict which way recovery will go. The same goes for other cases that cause damage to the brain, like oxygen deprivation and disrupted blood flow to the brain. That’s why our team of brain injury attorneys and case managers hopes for the best, but fights for every dollar in case the medical outcome is worse.

Crushed/Amputated Arms and Legs

High-speed impacts, heavy objects, and dangerous machines can wreak havoc on the arms and legs of innocent victims. Losing the functionality of a limb, or losing the limb entirely, CHANGES A VICTIM’S LIFE. It makes working more difficult, playing less fun, and living more challenging in every possible way. Fortunately, with the right medical care, technology, and financial support, it’s possible to return to a normal life. Our mission at Stewart J. Guss, Injury Accident Lawyers, is to make true recovery possible for anyone who has suffered such a life-changing injury.

Orthopedic and Soft Tissue Injuries

Not all injuries need to threaten a person’s life to cause prolonged pain and suffering. Often, it’s the injuries that doctors say they can “fix,” but seem to linger for a long time, that take the heaviest toll on our clients. WE KNOW WHAT IT’S LIKE to live in constant pain but to have people think you’re “back to normal.” We take injuries to joints, tendons, ligaments, and other soft tissue seriously, because we know—and know how to prove—how these injuries can cause a lifetime of pain that deserves an equally significant amount of compensation.

Injured in Los Angeles? What Now?

DON’T LOSE HOPE! We’re here to help and support you through a traumatic time. We know how overwhelming a severe injury can make life feel. So, let us simplify things for you with these three simple guidelines for meeting your challenges in the days and weeks ahead.

  • First, make sure you get all the medical care you need and are covered for. Nothing is more important than your health. Get your health to as stable a spot as possible, so that you (or your loved ones) can make responsible decisions about what to do next.
  • Second, BEWARE OF INSURANCE COMPANIES. Since someone else’s negligence or recklessness caused your injury, there’s a decent chance an insurance company is going to try to offer you a quick, lowball settlement to get you to “go away.” IT’S A TRAP. The insurance company doesn’t care about you. It cares about limiting its financial risk. Don’t sign anything yet.
  • Third, CALL THE TEAM AT STEWART J. GUSS, INJURY ACCIDENT LAWYERS RIGHT AWAY at 800-898-4877 or contact us online. We know accidents happen all day and all night, so we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to serve you. You deserve nothing less than the best legal representation in Los Angeles. Good lawyers aren’t just a luxury for rich corporations. Our team works on a “no win, no pay” (a.k.a. contingent fee) basis. You pay us nothing unless we win your case and recover compensation for you through a settlement or from a jury.

The sooner new clients call us, the better off they are. Our job is to protect our clients’ legal rights, to investigate their accidents and injuries, and to build ironclad cases for why defendants and their insurers need to pay our clients the maximum allowable under the law for their pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages and earning capacity, and other losses. When clients contact us immediately after their injuries happen, it gives us the best shot at collecting critical evidence, interviewing witnesses before memories fade, and shaping and honing our clients’ cases make sure the other side always knows we mean business. People who wait too long to seek the help of our team at Stewart J. Guss, Injury Accident Lawyers, put themselves at risk of losing valuable rights. They could even lose their rights to sue for damages altogether.

Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys At The Ready

The legal team of Stewart J. Guss, Injury Accident Lawyers, has earned a national reputation for protecting the rights of injured victims for more than 20 years. If you were injured by SOMEONE ELSE’S CARELESS ACTIONS, call our office right now to schedule a free consultation! Because we take all of our personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis, you will not owe us a DIME unless we win your case. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so call us today at 800-898-4877 or contact us now by CLICKING HERE.

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