Top 10 States for Lawyers in 2024: Salaries and Job Openings

Top 10 States for Lawyers in 2024: Salaries and Job Openings

The law is a pillar of our society, and the demand for competent lawyers remains high across the country. Personal injuries, including car accidents, medical malpractice, and wrongful death cases, mean that the need for quality legal representation isn’t going away anytime soon.

For those contemplating a career in law or transitioning within the sector, consider the demand and opportunities available within the profession. 

In a comprehensive study conducted by, we thoroughly examined the current landscape of the legal field in various parts of the United States. In this research, we analyzed key aspects like the cost of living index, the employment rate, the total number of lawyers as of 2024, the average annual salary, and job availability in various states. What we found is an enlightening snapshot of the current legal job market in 2024. 

These aren't just dry statistics – they offer a detailed orientation map for those seeking to chart a successful career in law. Let's delve into some key findings this study has unveiled.

Key Findings

Top 10 States for Lawyers in 2024

The study yielded some significant insights into the states with the highest demand for lawyers in 2024. Each state brings unique characteristics in terms of job vacancies, average annual salaries, and the landscape for law employment in general.

California took the top ranking, showcasing an impressive 87,000 job vacancies for legal professionals. A bustling hub of economic and cultural activity, California has emerged as a lucrative destination for lawyers, making it the state with the highest demand for this profession.

Not falling far behind, New York caught attention due to a different metric. The Empire State, being home to over 185,000 lawyers, took the lead for the state with the most lawyers. Importantly, New York outpaced all other states in terms of the average annual salary offered to legal professionals. Earning an average of $164,168 per year, lawyers in New York experience unparalleled earnings.

At a close third and fourth, Florida and Massachusetts present high demand for lawyers and the highest employment rates on this list, respectively. Both these states are currently positioned to host over 77,000 lawyers, presenting favorable opportunities for future expansion of the legal field here.

The key findings from this study indicate several promising opportunities and potential areas for growth in the legal profession across the U.S., with different states boasting their unique advantages.

A State-by-State Analysis: Where Are Lawyers Most in Demand? 

Diving deeper into the study, let's take a closer look at how each of the top states measures up in terms of the demand for lawyers, salary averages, and job vacancies:

1. California

As the state ranking first in terms of job openings, California offers over 87,000 job vacancies in the legal field, dwarfing many other states. The pay is substantial, offering an average annual salary of $109,226. The state ranks third in terms of the cost of living index, making it a prime location for law professionals.

2. New York

Secure in second place, New York boasts over 86,000 active vacancies for the profession. More impressively, with over 185,000 lawyers, it comfortably leads the charge state-wise for law employment. Furthermore, the state offers the highest average annual salary in the nation at a significant $164,168.

3. Florida

Coming in third, Florida hosts over 57,000 job vacancies, making it a promising landing spot for legal professionals. It further makes a mark with one of the highest employment rates in the nation at 97.1%.

4. Texas

Not far behind is Texas, presenting over 50,000 job vacancies. After California and New York, this southern state employs the third-largest number of legal professionals, hosting 93,821 lawyers.

5. Illinois

Illinois is fifth on the list, offering over 31,000 job openings for legal professionals and currently housing a robust number of lawyers totaling 62,720. The state offers an attractive average annual salary of approximately $114,000, which is substantial given the state's moderate cost of living.

6. Pennsylvania

With over 24,000 job vacancies, Pennsylvania also displays a high employment rate, and despite an average annual salary of $74,129—which is somewhat lower compared to other states—the state's cost of living index mitigates the difference to some extent.

7. New Jersey

New Jersey offers an average annual salary of $79,620, slightly above Pennsylvania. With a strong legal community of over 40,000 lawyers, it undeniably merits a place in the top 10 states with a high demand for lawyers.

8. Massachusetts

Massachusetts demands attention with its high employment rates, proportionate with Florida's 97.1%. Accompanied by a solid cadre of over 42,000 lawyers, the state offers a respectable average annual salary of $94,400.

9. Georgia

Georgia is appealing for lawyers seeking a lower cost of living—with its index marked at 88.6. Despite its lower costs, it provides a substantial $104,412 annual salary to legal professionals, and as of early 2024, the state boasts over 20,000 job vacancies.

10. Ohio

Last but not least, Ohio is home to more than 38,000 lawyers and offers 17,800 job vacancies. It certainly holds its own among states where lawyers are in high demand.

Attorney Stewart J. Guss Weighs in on the Findings

Regarding the study's notable findings, Stewart Guss, founder of, offered some valuable insights and observations. Guss had this to say: "While the financial incentives of working in the legal field in a particular state are important, identifying where there is a growing need for legal professionals is crucial."

Guss particularly highlighted the situation in Texas: "Following the pandemic, Texas has seen a notable increase in family law cases, creating an even higher demand for lawyers in the state." And it's not a fleeting trend, according to Guss, "We actually expect the number of cases to increase substantially over the next decade.”

Even though some states, like California and New York, were expected to top the list due to their size and economic activity, the list also includes some surprising entrants showcasing robust career opportunities beyond conventional choices.

With these astute observations from an industry insider like Guss, aspiring and practicing legal professionals can formulate more effective career plans, maximizing opportunities available in the geographical areas most receptive to their skills and work preferences.

Where Should You Practice Law in 2024? 

Practice Law in 2024

Whether you are beginning your law career or considering a move, considering where you’re in demand is a key factor in your career that could potentially produce a positive shift in the legal landscape in your area. 

From the leading state of California, with the most number of job vacancies, to New York, which boasts the highest average annual salary, these locations provide substantial opportunities for legal professionals.

Moreover, states like Florida, Massachusetts, Texas, and Illinois round up the top-tier list with a remarkable balance of high employment rates, enticing salary opportunities, and a robust number of legal professionals already practicing in their states. 

Interestingly, states like Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, and Ohio are making remarkable strides, demonstrating they should not be overlooked when considering the best locations for lawyers to practice.

While each state has unique offerings, you should also consider your personal and professional circumstances before making a geographical decision. With this data in mind, you can be confident in making a decision that will impact not only yourself, but also the communities you serve. 

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