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Brian Page

Brian was born and raised in a small town in the Midwest and has never lost his Midwest values. After graduating obtaining his degree in political science, he went to work as a private investigator. During this time, he developed his passion for the law, honed his investigative skills, and learned the value of hard work, long hours, and perseverance. Brian graduated from the Loyola University New Orleans College of Law and has practiced his entire career in New Orleans. Brian is currently licensed to practice in all Louisiana State Courts and in Federal Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana. He has tried cases to both judges and juries and focuses exclusively on cases involving personal injury.

As an attorney, his practice of handling cases from intake through trial has given him a unique perspective on client needs and expectations when they are dealing with very difficult issues. Brian has extensive experience with insurance companies and knows their claims handling procedures and the length these companies will go to delay, deny, and defend legitimate claims in order to protect their bottom line. Since the early days of his career, Brian has advocated on behalf of the little guy against those large corporations that put profit over people. When he is not zealously advocating for his clients, you can find Brian at home trying to keep up with his two boys to the amusement of his wife Elaine.

Associate Attorney
New Orleans Office