Sean Schmitt Sean Schmitt Executive Manager of Marketing & Technology

Sean Schmitt

Sean Schmitt was born and raised in Houston, Texas. He completed his Associate’s Degree in Paralegal Studies & Litigation Technologies from North Harris Montgomery Community College. After working in the legal field for several years, Sean followed his penchant for technology and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Management Information Systems from Sam Houston State University.

After working with the Stewart J Guss firm as an IT consultant for more than 10 years, Sean joined the team full time in early 2017. Sean’s extensive education, legal work background, and practical experience in technology management make him uniquely qualified. Today, his responsibilities include managing all Information Technology operations for the firm, evaluating and implementing new technology, and overseeing the intake team and the marketing team, who’ve made him the proud recipient of a “World’s Greatest Boss” mug. It’s his personal mission to position the firm as a national leader in terms of cutting-edge technology deployment, creating processes that help us serve our clients more efficiently every day.

Sean is a massive fan of the art of Riverdance and delights in threatening his employees with dance-offs, whether celebratory or punitive. He also enjoys a good craft beer, following Formula 1 racing, and working on his Corvette. Sean lives in Houston with his beautiful wife Christina and their three beautiful daughters, Lillith Morningstar, Isabella Grace, and Charlotte Cate (Lilli, Izzi, and Charli for short!)

Get to Know: Sean Schmitt

Do you have any pets? “I have one cat (Obi, short for Obi-Wan Kenobi.) I have a lab mix (Georgia), two Chihuahuas (Steven & Lola), one hamster (Tiny Diamond) and a fish. I don’t know the fish’s name.”

What does “client first” mean to you? “It means we’re willing and able to do everything possible to provide the right care and attention, ensuring that our clients are on the road to recovery and are able to get back to their normal lives as much as possible.”

What does it mean to you to work for Stewart J Guss, Attorney at Law? “It means that I am part of a family of like-minded individuals that are all striving towards the same goal which is to ultimately help people in need. Culture is defined from the top down. Stewart has worked tirelessly in an effort to put the right pieces in place throughout the firm to ensure his vision of being a client-first law firm starts with being an employee-first law firm. That’s a culture and vision that I am proud to be part of.”

What did you think you were going to be when growing up? “I thought I was going to be a scientist. Not sure what kind. I just wanted to wear a cool lab coat and goggles.”

What is your go-to comfort food? “Being a Texas native, I love real Mexican food and of course good Texas BBQ!”

What is your favorite TV show or movie? “Monty Python and The Holy Grail.”

What is your favorite thing to do on the weekends? “I’m a car guy. If the weather is good I like to take my Corvette out. Typically I’ll meet up with some of my friends with their sports cars and we cruise the streets! Sometimes we end up at the track for a few races.”

If you could know more about one thing, what would it be? “I love being a student. I study and read all the time. One area of non-work-related interest that I would love to know more about quantum computing and how that will change our world once we have been able to produce a stable platform for it.”

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