Samantha Villarreal

Growing up in the small town of Mission, TX, Samantha is the youngest of her family, having been raised by a single mother alongside her two older brothers. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, focusing on Medical and Health Services, and an Associate’s in Psychology. With five years of experience at Stewart J. Guss, Samantha is a vital team member, renowned for her distinctive client-first approach.

Despite her initial interest in the medical field, Samantha found her true calling in Personal Injury Law. She stumbled upon a job opportunity that allowed her to help people injured by medical devices and prescription medication, and she has never looked back. Working with doctors and experts to ensure justice for her clients brings her immense satisfaction.

Samantha Villarreal Headshot
Samantha Villareal

To Samantha, putting clients first means actively listening to them, empathizing with their situation, and being there for them during their most challenging times. Celebrating a client's victory means more to her than any personal reward. Overall, Samantha feels fortunate to work at Stewart J. Guss, where the environment is welcoming, family-oriented, and fulfilling. When Samantha isn't busy with work, she indulges in her love for gardening, which brings her relaxation and joy. She also enjoys exploring new eateries and discovering the many facets of Houston, where she recently moved.