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Few places are lovelier for settling down than Spring, Texas—but just like anywhere else, accidents happen here. If another person’s negligence causes you to suffer injuries, don’t succumb to despair. Although accidents can make you feel isolated, you are NOT alone. A Spring, Texas, personal injury lawyer is here to help you deal with costly and painful injuries. The dedicated legal team at Stewart J. Guss, Attorney at Law, is on your side. Our experienced personal injury law firm is committed to effectively and efficiently guiding you through the process and toward the justice that you deserve. Someone is always ready to take your call, 24 HOURS a DAY, 7 DAYS a WEEK, for free, because we understand that accidents take place on their own schedules. We care about you and your claim, so please EMAIL US NOW or call 800-898-4877 as soon as possible! While you may find the prospect of calling a law firm daunting, there is absolutely no reason to feel anxious about calling us. We pride ourselves on helping clients just like you feel as comfortable as possible throughout the accident claim process.

We’re Here to Fight for Your Damages in Their Entirety

One moment, you’re minding your own business, and the next, your life has spun on its axis. That’s exactly the effect that a serious accident can have on you, and the emotional shock-waves that follow can be among the most difficult consequences you have to face. In fact, the physical, emotional, and financial damages wrought by a serious accident are difficult to overstate. Your health and your future can hinge on you receiving adequate compensation, and you need an experienced Spring, Texas, personal injury law firm right away! Accidents happen every day in and around Spring, Texas. The following Harris County statistics show the number of traffic accidents and injuries in only a single year:
  • 108,442 reported traffic accidents
  • 30,653 possible injuries in those accidents
  • 11,938 non-incapacitating traffic accident injuries
  • 2,154 serious traffic accident injuries
  • 455 traffic accident fatalities
Serious accidents come with serious damages. Such damages can come in many forms, but it’s important to ensure that your claim seeks the full range of damages you’ve suffered:
  • Medical Expenses - Medical costs are an obvious expense of injurious accidents, and these costs are often extensive, including emergency transportation and medical care, surgery and aftercare, doctor, specialist, and therapist appointments, ongoing care, adaptive physical devices, and adaptions to your home.
  • Lost Time on the Job and Lost Wages - If you suffered an injury, you’re likely going to be losing hours on the job, and if your injury is severe, you’re likely to suffer serious losses on the job. In fact, a disabling injury can permanently alter your career trajectory, and you could experience lost earning potential into your future. Finally, because our jobs and our sense of self are so closely intertwined, these losses can have significant negative emotional consequences.
  • Pain, Suffering, and Emotional Damages - We also consider the extensive pain and suffering that can stem from an accident and injury. Accidents are extremely upsetting and are often quite violent, especially traffic accidents. After an accident, many people experience PTSD-like symptoms that can be especially difficult. Further, certain kinds of injuries, like traumatic brain injuries, can lead to psychological effects that can disconnect you from your own sense of self. The emotional pain and suffering wrought by an accident only compound the physical pain and suffering from injuries.
An essential element of effectively handling your claim is calculating your damages in full and effectively proving your damages to the insurance company.

We Handle Accidents and Injuries Like Yours

Our dedicated legal team is experienced and skilled at handling a wide array of accidents:
  • Traffic accidents, including car, bike, motorcycle, pedestrian, and semi-truck accidents
  • Drunk driving claims
  • Slip and fall and other premises liability claims
  • Wrongful death claims
  • Construction site accidents
Whatever the accident type, we’re here to help. Further, our personal injury law firm knows how to handle cases involving many types of injuries:
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Back and neck injuries
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Burns
  • Cuts and lacerations
  • Broken bones
  • Internal organ injuries
If you suffered injuries in an accident, you need skilled legal counsel with experience handling cases like yours, and that’s where we come in!

We’ll Work With the Insurance Company on Your Behalf

Sustaining and recovering from injuries is never easy. On top of your medical treatment and pain, you now have to deal with an insurance company (or many insurers) to seek compensation for your damages. The stress can be enough to break the strongest spirit. Dealing with insurance companies is frustrating in the best of times, but when you’re recovering from an injury, it makes the process that much more difficult. When it comes to the insurance claim, you may be tempted to simply allow the insurance company to calculate your damages and make a settlement offer. While this is certainly the easiest route, it is not in your best interests. Insurance companies are in the business of making money—and they’re not above making low-ball settlement offers in the process. Our skilled personal injury law firm is committed to representing your rights and working with the insurance company on your behalf for the compensation you need to pay your medical bills and other losses. For you to travel the path toward recovery more fully, you need a settlement that reflects the full amount of your damages.

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An accident due to someone else’s negligence can bring you to a low point, but know you’re not alone. The dedicated legal team at Stewart J. Guss, Attorney at Law, is here to represent you and guide you through the accident-claim process. We’re well respected because we’ve earned that respect—one client at a time. In fact, the legal team of Trust Guss Injury Lawyers, is nationally recognized for protecting the rights of injured victims for more than 20 years. If you were injured in Spring, call our office right now to schedule a free consultation! And because we take all our personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis, remember—you don’t pay a single DIME unless we’ve recovered a claim on your behalf. We care about you and your claim, so please contact or call us at 800-898-4877 today. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Don't Take Chances - Let Us Help You!

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