Will Self-Driving Trucks Become a Reality?

Will Self-Driving Trucks Become a Reality? Most people who pay attention to technology or motor vehicle news are aware that companies like Google, Uber, and Tesla have manufactured automated or semi-automated cars that can drive with minimal help from human drivers. Now, companies like Uber are trying to make use of automated technology in the trucking industry, as well. Uber has purchased a self-driving truck that the company has named “Otto” that has successfully made a delivery carrying cases of beer 120 miles driving on its own. There are many potential benefits to incorporating self-driving vehicles into the trucking industry, including the following:
  • Environmental - Automated trucks will be more fuel efficient due to speed regulation and other factors, reducing the carbon emissions and pollution from the trucks.
  • Economic - Fuel efficiency also can provide significant savings for companies, as can faster trips, which can allow a greater number of deliveries.
  • Safety - Automation decreases the risks of fatigued, distracted, or otherwise impaired truck drivers and the technology is expected to substantially reduce accidents and save lives. Trucks will be equipped with increased safety sensors and software, as well.
Simply because automated trucks may become a new standard in the coming years does not mean that all commercial truck drivers should be concerned about losing their jobs. First, not all trucking companies will want or be able to switch their fleets to automated vehicles. For many companies, the transition will be made gradually, if at all. In addition, self-driving does not mean that the trucks will be completely driverless. The big rigs will likely still have a driver present and if anything were to go wrong, they could take the reigns and manually control the vehicle to get it to safety. This would still place a high level responsibility on drivers to pay attention to the road while they are in the truck.

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While we wait for the streamlining of automated trucks, negligent drivers and companies can still cause serious truck accidents and injuries. If you have been injured, call a Houston semi crash lawyer at the office of Trust Guss Injury Lawyers at 800-898-4877 for help. http://www.npr.org/sections/alltechconsidered/2016/10/13/497834498/for-the-long-haul-self-driving-trucks-may-pave-the-way-before-cars