What to Do When Cars Hit Pedestrians

What to Do When Cars Hit Pedestrians

In cities across the country, pedestrians regularly walk in close proximity to cars and trucks as they zoom by. Some people enjoy spending time outside and getting low impact exercise. Others find walking to work a relaxing alternative to driving. If its nice outside, MANY people will take to the sidewalks and leave their cars behind.

Regardless of the reasons for walking, Motor vehicle traffic presents many dangers—and unfortunately, many pedestrians suffer serious injuries on a daily basis. All pedestrians must recognize the risks of walking in a heavily trafficked city. Understanding these risks can help you avoid injuries.

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Dangerous Places for Pedestrians

Although pedestrian traffic is relatively common everywhere, many drivers either don’t see or dont pay attention to pedestrians when they operate their vehicles. Pedestrians are smaller and more difficult to spot than automobiles, and cars are not always able to react with enough time to avoid accidents. This can result in SERIOUS injuries to those who get hit by cars.

Dangerous places where pedestrians should watch for traffic include:

  • Crosswalks - When they are in crosswalks, pedestrians commonly assume that cars will stop for them until they safely leave the street. Unfortunately, although this is the law, drivers don’t always follow it. Drivers who are unfamiliar with the area or distracted will often run through a crosswalk without looking to see if anyone is crossing. This can result in devastating accidents. ALWAYS cross with caution and check to make sure that every car notices when you enter the street.
  • Traffic lights - Again, just because the Walk signal is visible and you have the right of way doesnt mean that a car will stop. Cars that turn right at a green light are especially dangerous for pedestrians. If a driver is in a hurry, or simply doesnt notice that you are crossing the street, BEWARE. This situation often will result in a dangerous accident that can lead to serious injuries for the pedestrian.
  • Adverse weather - Accidents are always more likely in bad weather. Motor vehicles need longer amounts of time to stop on slippery roads. Rain or snow can GREATLY reduce visibility, so TAKE CARE when walking in these conditions. Even if drivers can see you, they might not stop in time if you attempt to cross the street quickly and without warning.
  • Walking at night - Drivers often hit pedestrians because they could not see or didnt notice them until too late. At night, the danger increases, because it is even more difficult to see people who cross the street. If you plan to walk at night, wear brightly colored or reflective clothing, or walk with a light. Double check to make sure that every car can see you before you walk out into traffic. Never assume a car will stop—drivers may not see you when it is dark outside.

What to Do if You Are Hit by a Car While Walking

If you are in a pedestrian accident, and your injuries permit, take the following steps to ensure your health and safety.

  • Call the police - They will arrive at the accident scene, assess the damage, and call an ambulance, if needed. They will also document what happened and prepare an official police report. This could become a key piece of evidence in your pedestrian accident claim.
  • Collect photographic and video evidence - If possible, take pictures and video of the accident scene. Even if you only have a cell phone, use the camera to document what happened to the best of your ability. Once crews clean up the accident scene, recreating the evidence can pose tremendous challenges. Photos and videos can help show what happened.
  • Visit the emergency room or your doctor - After an accident, adrenaline can run high. You might not believe that you were injured, but many times, symptoms take hours, days or even weeks to show up. Seek immediate medical attention after a pedestrian accident. By doing so, you establish a record of medical care. The insurance companies will look to see if you delayed seeing a doctor after the accident. If you did, they can claim that your injuries are not that serious or even that they were not related to your accident at all. DO NOT allow this to happen. See a doctor no matter what!
  • Contact an experienced attorney - There are many different aspects to a pedestrian accident case, and unless you are a lawyer, the process can confuse and overwhelm anyone. Luckily, the team of lawyers and legal professionals at Trust Guss Injury Lawyers, can HELP. We have worked with many pedestrian accident victims and are dedicated to obtaining the maximum amount of compensation for your claim. Medical bills can grow incredibly expensive and it can take time to heal from an accident. By working with a lawyer, you can relax and feel confident that a professional is supporting you throughout the claims process.

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When a motor vehicle hits a pedestrian, the damage can DEVASTATE the pedestrian. Those who are walking have no way to protect themselves from an oncoming car or truck.

If you were a pedestrian and injured by a driver, call an attorney to learn your rights! Many insurance companies will attempt to downplay your injuries and offer you the lowest settlement possible. DO NOT allow this to happen. Your financial future and your recovery are FAR too important to leave to chance.

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