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14 Jun

We depend on large trucks to transport the goods we need and want throughout the nation, but when negligent truck […]

12 Jun

Not everyone is cut out to climb behind the wheel of a truck. Some people aren’t healthy enough for it. […]

07 Jun

Most people have never heard of MCS-90. In our experience, those who have fall into three general categories: (1) people […]

05 Jun

No one wants to get into an accident with a truck. Most of the time, it doesn’t turn out so […]

25 Apr

USAA is a major player in the car insurance game in the United States and focuses on insuring members of […]

18 Apr

“We know from experience.” “We know a thing or two because we’ve seen a thing or two.” What Farmers Insurance […]

18 Apr

USAA es una importante corporación en la industria de seguros de Estados Unidos y brinda cobertura principalmente a miembros de […]

18 Apr

Cualquiera que vea televisión ha escuchado esa voz cantando que “Nationwide está de su lado…” Aunque esto suene real y […]

14 Apr

Cualquier persona que haya visto televisión durante los últimos diez años ha visto comerciales con un lagarto hablando, un gracioso […]

14 Apr

“Lo sabemos por experiencia.” “Sabemos una cosa, o dos, ya que hemos visto ambas.” Hay algo que la Aseguradora Farmers […]

11 Apr

Anyone who’s watched TV during the past decade has seen commercials featuring a talking gecko, comedic cavemen, or an announcer […]

04 Apr

Anyone who watches television has heard the singsong voice reassuring everyone that “Nationwide is on your side….” While that is […]

10 Jan

Anytime you encounter a speeding a driver, you have a reason for concern, because speeding causes a serious threat to […]

26 Dec

Driving through any large metropolitan area, and you’ll notice the large number of commercial cargo trucks transporting goods. With more […]

19 Dec

In the United States, commercial trucks transport about 90 percent of the products we use. Trucks deliver everything from groceries […]

12 Dec

Truck drivers are human—like all of us, they can become tired, impatient, distracted, and angry. Their judgment can grow bad. […]

05 Dec

Truckers: Alcohol and Drug Use

By Stewart J. Guss

We all know that getting behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is not only a […]

28 Nov

Accidents involving semi-trucks are among the deadliest on our roadways. Jackknife truck accidents are no exception—in fact, they’re some of […]

21 Nov

Truck Accidents in Bad Weather

By Stewart J. Guss

Driving an 80,000-pound truck hundreds of miles each day is a tremendous responsibility, but truckers regularly prioritize schedules and delivery […]

14 Nov

Large commercial vehicles like semis, tractor-trailers, or tanker trucks rear-end smaller passenger vehicles with devastating results. Worst of all, in […]