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22 Jul

You’re sitting at a stoplight, minding your own business, thinking about your day, when—BAM!—a careless driver slams the front end […]

10 Jul

Top 25 Summer Road Trip Tips!

By Stewart J. Guss

Stay safe & stay cool! It’s okay, you can admit it: we’re all feeling a little stir-crazy these days.  After […]

29 Jun

Read On For Contingency Fee Checklist It’s a sad situation we hear all the time: someone gets hurt in an […]

27 Jun

People usually don’t think much about hiring a personal injury lawyer… until they wind up in an accident and really […]

26 Jun

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer Many circumstances in life require a lawyer—or at least […]

09 Jun

Will I Need Surgery After a Car Accident? Car accidents can be terrifying, and the resulting injuries can be severe. […]

06 Jun

Let’s talk worst case scenarios for a moment. Imagine you are in a truck accident. Imagine you get injured. Imagine […]

03 Jun

Car accidents account for about 50,000 deaths each year. Even the most mild accidents can send shockwaves through the everyday […]

30 May

Addiction to Mobile Devices

By Stewart Guss

App addiction, device distraction, phone fatigue, screen slump: no matter what name you give it, our society has a real […]

29 May

Road Trip Safety

By Stewart Guss

Who doesn’t love a road trip? Fill up the tank, make a playlist, stock up on snacks, and get ready […]

22 May

May 18th marked “phase two” of the reopening of the state of Texas, while cities like Los Angeles are debating […]

13 May

Does hiring a personal injury attorney sound like an expensive proposition? Are you worried that a personal injury attorney is […]

30 Apr

Picture this: It’s the day after your car accident. You were lucky enough to walk away from it alive, but […]

29 Apr

Appointments. Bills. Repairs. You’re dealing with a lot after a car accident, and you might be most concerned about your […]

28 Apr

Is the bevy of technology found in new cars doing more harm than good? Is it causing distractions that lead […]

26 Apr

(Hint: Hire a Car Accident Lawyer!) No one wants to imagine themselves getting into a car accident, but it’s a […]

24 Apr

Semi-truck accidents are some of the most devastating wrecks on the road. They’re also among the most complicated to recover […]

22 Apr

When you’ve been in a truck accident, your world is shattered. You’re anxious, stressed, and overwhelmed for days, weeks, or […]

20 Apr

Car Accident Legal Advice

By Stewart Guss

When you get hurt in a car accident, the aftermath of the wreck can be overwhelming. It can be tough […]

16 Apr

Our world is changing at an unparalleled rate, leaving many anxious and uncertain. You might not know what day of […]