Truck Passengers Can Cause Serious Distractions

Truck Passengers Can Cause Serious Distractions When you think about distracted driving, you probably think of texting and other distractions related to handheld mobile devices. Few of us likely consider how distracting it can be to simply have a passenger in the vehicle with us - after all, having passengers is an ordinary and common part of driving. However, a recent truck accident demonstrates how important it is to ensure that passengers do not cause drivers to become dangerously distracted. A truck driver reportedly got into an argument with a female passenger, who then tried to jump from the truck while it was moving. The act caused the driver to become so distracted that a five-vehicle crash resulted, injuring four people and tragically killing one person. Commercial truck driving is a lonely job and many drivers have their spouses or significant others travel with them for both entertainment and to allow them to see different parts of the country together. While there is no FMCSA regulation prohibiting passengers from riding along in commercial trucks, truck drivers should always be certain to avoid passenger situations that can cause them to become distracted. There is no excuse for any truck driver to allow themselves to become dangerously distracted while behind the wheel. If a heated conversation or conflict with a passenger arises, a truck driver should pull over until the matter is resolved, otherwise the risk causing severe and even fatal injuries. Any distracted truck driver who causes injuries should be held fully liable for the losses of victims and their families.

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