Truck Drivers Should be Aware of Blind Spots

Truck Drivers Should be Aware of Blind Spots

Every car has some type of “blind spot.” Blind spots are areas of the road that are not immediately visible from rearview mirrors. Every driver should know to “check their blind spot” before changing lanes on the highway or making turns. Checking blind spots is even more important - and challenging - for commercial truck drivers.

Commercial truck drivers haul large trailers that can be over 40 feet long and sometimes even haul double trailers. In addition, trucks do not have rear windows that allow drivers to see directly behind them. Finally, due to the height of the truck tractor, it can be easy for smaller cars to be hidden below. All of these factors result in substantial blind spots for truck drivers.

These blind spots are commonly referred to in the trucking industry as “no-zones1 because it is always safer for motorists to avoid driving in these areas for extended periods of time. The no-zones on a truck are as follows:

  • Along each side of the trailer
  • Directly behind the trailer
  • Directly in front of a truck
  • Next to the front passenger-side of the tractor

While motorists should be aware of these significant blind spots and avoid spending time with them whenever possible, a truck driver should also be aware that vehicles may be in their blind spots. Truck drivers should take particular precautions and double check every time they make a lane change or make a turn.

If a truck driver does not adequately check their blind spots, they can run other cars off the road or cause serious collisions. Victims of such accidents can incur extensive medical bills, lost income from missing work to recover, physical pain, among other losses. If a truck driver was negligent in failing to check blind spots, the driver may be held liable for any losses that resulted.

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