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The Dangers of Concussions in Youth Sports

By Stewart J. Guss on October 7th, 2015

When anyone plays certain sports—including football, soccer, or hockey—the risk of a blow to the head and a resulting concussion exists. These are all particularly harmful in youth sports since the brains of minor children are not yet fully developed and can be even more prone to serious and long-lasting damage. While some traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are unavoidable in sports, the injuries can be exacerbated and lead to serious issues if not handled properly. Many legal claims have arisen out of coaches or leagues that have mishandled concussions of players, causing more serious conditions down the road. Such negligent acts can include as follows:

  • Failing to remove an athlete from play or even encouraging them to return to the field
  • Not providing the proper medical attention after a blow to the head
  • Allowing an athlete to resume activities before the brain injury has fully healed
  • Encouraging particularly rough play or allowing dangerous actions to occur

Dangers of multiple concussions

If a young athlete sustains a concussion and is not properly removed from play, they are at serious risk of developing a life-threatening condition called second impact syndrome [1] if they are hit in the head again. Even the healthiest of individuals can succumb to second impact syndrome within minutes due to rapid brain swelling or herniation. For this reason, no one should ever put young athletes at risk of a second head trauma until any existing concussion has healed completely. In addition, repeated concussions can lead to many complications and challenges for children regarding the following:

  • Comprehension in school
  • Future professional endeavors
  • Physical activity
  • Social relationships
  • Emotional health

A test has been developed [2] for coaches and sports medical teams to use on the sideline to immediately determine whether any sign of a concussion exists and whether an athlete should be allowed to continue playing. If such a test is not utilized, coaches and teams are putting athletes at risk for serious injury.

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