Trip and Fall Accident Lawyers

Tripping and falling is a generally embarrassing experience, especially in public. If it happens to you, you might be tempted to brush it off fast, go on with your day, and hope everyone forgets it ever happened. However, this would be a disservice to yourself. You deserve help. You are not at fault for your fall, but the property owner might be.

Why do trip and fall accidents happen? The answer is not clumsiness. Most of the time, it’s plain and simple negligence. Business owners, property owners, and occupants all have a responsibility to keep their property safe for visitors. Accidents happen because someone failed to do their job—now let us do ours. As a national law firm, we fight for our clients to get them the help they deserve to get back on their feet - physically and financially - after a slip and fall accident.

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Trip and Fall Accidents Are No Laughing Matter

We’ve all seen physical comedy and pratfalls in TV shows, like the ol’ classic of slipping on a banana peel. Because of this, it’s natural to laugh off your tumble or underestimate the damage falls can cause. But did you know that falls account for 8 million hospital visits per year?That’s no laughing matter. Falls can even cause death or serious injuries, including:

  • Broken bones or teeth: When you fall forward, the natural instinct is to brace yourself. While this may save you from knocking out your teeth, there’s a very good chance you will end up with a broken wrist or arm. Broken bones and teeth are painful. Even after the initial injury has healed, you may still feel pain years down the road. Severe dental injuries can often result in permanent impairment and require implants.
  • Traumatic brain injuries: When you fall backward, you are at risk for hitting the vulnerable back of your skull. If the term traumatic brain injury sounds scary, it’s because it is. Brain injuries of all kinds are dangerous and need to be taken seriously. If you hit your head, go to the doctor right away EVEN IF YOU FEEL FINE. Traumatic brain injuries can cause headaches, dizziness, mood changes, and memory problems. If you catch these signs early enough, your doctor may be able to prevent permanent damage.
  • Spinal cord injuries: Your spine is designed to support your body, not support a fall. When you land on your back, it can cause swelling. This swelling can cause a spinal cord injury which could even lead to paralysis.
  • Cuts and bruises: Falls will probably result in bruises as well as lacerations that are prone to infection. Deeper cuts may require stitches or surgery, and can cause nerve damage. Worse, facial cuts can even result in PERMANENT disfigurement. Plus, because bruises develop slowly over time, you may not realize the extent of your accident until days after it happens.
  • Soft tissue damage: If you’ve ever experienced a kink in the neck or a strained back, you know how painful this can be. Falls cause our bodies to react by tensing up and contorting in unnatural ways. This can result in strains, sprains, aches, or even spinal disc injuries. These issues may go unnoticed or worsen over time if not addressed if you are not examined by a medical professional after your fall.

What if the Injury Is My Fault?

Chances are, it’s not—butthe insurance company is generally going to say otherwise. Their job is not to make sure you recover. Their job is to make money. How do they do this? By blaming you and paying you less than what you deserve. Our experienced trip and fall lawyers will recognize these strategies right away and build a game plan to help you stand up for your rights.

Common ways insurance companies, businesses, or property owners try to get out of paying include:

  • Claiming the incident was your fault: Sometimes the company will flat out tell you the accident was all your fault and refuse to pay. But the truth is they are at fault for failing to keep their building safe. Even if you hold partial responsibility, you may still recover damages.
  • Pre-existing injuries: This is one of the most common defenses in the book — “We didn’t cause your injury. You were already injured.” Even in the rare cases where this is true, falls can aggravate a preexisting injury, or turn an existing minor injury into a DEBILITATING ONE. This can lead to further damage, additional pain, and more medical costs.
  • The facts don’t add up: Insurance companies like to say that your story just doesn’t make sense. “There’s no way that could have happened.” “Why didn’t you report the accident right away?” “That’s not what you said earlier.” If the insurance company can attack your credibility or confuse you, THEY WILL. This is one reason we will always tell clients to NEVER GIVE A RECORDED STATEMENT. The insurance company is not on your side. You need a skilled, confident attorney by your side to defend your rights when dealing with insurers.

How Do I Prove Negligence?

You can always assume that the insurance company is going to fight you. That’s their job. So how do you make sure you get what you deserve? It all comes down to building a solid case. Ultimately, what you do at the time of the accident and the days that follow will have a big impact on the outcome. Act wisely.

  1. Gather evidence: Take plenty of photos - a picture is worth a thousand words! Immediately after the accident, take pictures of the scene. Include any hazards, where you fell, the surrounding area, and if there is any evidence of injury. Do this before you report the accident so the property owner can’t tamper with the scene. Strong visual evidence is hard to deny.
  2. Report the accident: Find a manager - or send someone else to - and tell them what happened right away. Show them exactly where the incident happened, what you were doing, and how the accident happened. If you wait or come back at a later time, the store will likely question whether the incident really happened and why you didn’t say something. Plus, if you don’t say anything, someone else may get hurt just like you.
  3. Talk to witnesses: Don’t count on there being video surveillance of the incident. Even if you can see a camera, that doesn’t mean that it is pointing at you or even working. If someone saw the incident happen, ask for their name and contact information. Your attorney will want to talk to them.
  4. Go to the doctor: Immediate medical care is the best way to prove your injuries. The doctor may record your injuries and take a statement. For serious injuries, they may take images that can help prove your injuries. And remember, your medical record will likely become evidence. Watch what you say and never admit fault.
  5. Call our attorneys: After an accident, the other party is banking on you not reporting the accident. In fact, they may try to offer you something to keep you happy like a gift card or free meal. A gift card won’t pay for medical bills or disability. Our job is to make sure our clients get everything they deserve.

The Cost of a Fall

Businesses and insurance companies want you to move on and take care of your injury yourself, but this is not what is best for you. Sadly, most people don’t pursue the care they rightfully deserve, and companies get away scot-free! According to John Hopkins, the average cost of hospitalization for a fall is over $30,000! Where are you supposed to come up with that type of money?

A personal injury case can help you recover costs directly related to the cost of your injuries, as well as get compensated for your pain and suffering. Your case may include:

  • Medical bills: Medical bills go far beyond the initial hospitalization. Some injuries will require follow-up visits, medication, and long-term treatment. This is an expense you should not have to cover alone, and estimating future medical costs is just as important as getting your current bills paid. In the case of severe injuries, you may receive compensation for future wages as well.
  • Dental bills: Most people forget about dental bills when it comes to personal injury cases, but have you been to the dentist lately? Dental care can be just as expensive - if not more expensive - than medical care. Often, it’s not just a chipped tooth you have to worry about. If it’s a serious injury, there may be damage to the underlying pulp and nerves, and you may require a crown and/or root canal.
  • Lost wages: When an injury happens, your ability to make money to support yourself and your family is threatened. Someone else’s negligence shouldn’t mean you have to struggle to figure out how to get by. Lost wages can help pay for the time you were unable to go to work. If you still can’t return to work, you may receive compensation for future wages.
  • Pain and suffering: Pain and suffering is serious and is not something to ignore. Fall injuries can cause lasting pain, not just temporary embarrassment. This pain can interfere with your ability to do everyday tasks and enjoy your life. Serious injuries, like those causing disfigurement or disability, can lead to SEVERE mental health problems including depression and anxiety. Your comfort matters. Don’t let anyone tell you it doesn’t. When an injury affects your quality of life, you deserve FAIR AND JUST COMPENSATION.

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