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SECRETS of Nationwide Car Accident Claims REVEALED!

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Anyone who watches television has heard the singsong voice reassuring everyone that Nationwide is on your side…. While that is a nice thought, the attorneys and legal professionals at Stewart J. Guss, Attorney at Law, can assure you that Nationwide is almost certainly NOT on your side!

Nationwide is one of the top insurance providers and serves clients across the U.S. (hence Nationwide). You can bet that the corporate officers havent collected hundreds of millions of dollars in profits through their dedication to paying claims and being “on the side” of accident victims!

If you were in a car accident, there is a good chance you might have to file a claim with Nationwide. If you do, dont expect the nice voice from the commercials on the other end of the phone. Instead, let us share with you the SECRETS about how Nationwide handles claims and protects its profits!

While auto insurance companies may use similar claim procedures, no two companies are the same. Our attorneys have been fighting Nationwide Insurance car accident claims adjusters for years. We know all their tricks, and they know who WE are too. If you are fighting Nationwide insurance on a car accident claim, you need a law firm that actually *IS* on your side! If you are dealing with Nationwide Insurance, call us right now for a free consultation at 1-800-898-4877 or contact us by clicking HERE to discuss your case for free.

SECRET #1 – They WANT You to Accept Their Settlement OfferThe FIRST ONE, That Is!

Its almost impossible to predict what kind of settlement offer youll get from Nationwide. You can file a perfectly valid claim with all the evidence you need to support itand offer they give you will simply not make any sense. Weve seen people with more than $100,000 in losses get offered $15,000! You may think that makes no sensebut WE know what Nationwide is thinking.

Nationwide makes low offers hoping that people will simply accept them. They are known for systematically “lowballing” people who are not represented by an attorney, hoping they will take a fraction of what they are owed because they want the money ASAP.

Youd be surprised how many people think they have no other choice but to accept what Nationwide offers. Were here to tell you: YOU HAVE OTHER OPTIONS! If you accept the first offer from Nationwide, you sign away your rights to more money down the line as your bills continue to rack up. Even if you negotiate them up off of their initial offer, you are almost certainly entitled to much, much more. Don’t let Nationwide get away with their “lowball” trick because you’re not represented by an attorney. Instead, call our office before you EVER accept ANY offer from Nationwideespecially the first one! We know how to negotiate with Nationwide to get you every penny you deserve on your claim, and Nationwide knows our firm well enough to know that we will not back down from a fight.

SECRET #2 – Nationwide Will Probably DELAY or DENY Your Claim!

When insurance companies like Nationwide receive premiums, they invest that money to earn interest and increase their profits. You better believe that these companies want to earn as much interest as possible on EVERY DIME. For this reason, they often delay the claims processing processeven on COMPLETELY VALID CLAIMSuntil the last possible second. Nationwide will commonly delay your claim for a long period of time—or even deny it and force you to respond with additional paperwork while you struggle with your injuries and bills.

This is all just a tactic for Nationwide to keep its money in investments and OUT OF YOUR HANDS! Meanwhile, your medical bills and household expenses are piling up!

Nationwide is less likely to delay or deny your valid claim if you have the right attorney CALLING THEM OUT on their unfair tactics. If Nationwide has been giving you the runaround or is refusing to return your calls or fairly process your claim, DO NOT WAIT to call our legal team. We are here to keep your claim moving forward on your Nationwide claim, and we won’t stop until we recover everything we can on your behalf.

SECRET #3 – It MATTERS Who Your Lawyer Is!

Some insurance companies may change their tunes as soon as someone hires legal representation. With Nationwide, we believe that the QUALITY of your law firm MATTERS when it comes to how the claims adjuster responds. Nationwide keeps records regarding which attorneys are willing to play HARDBALL and file lawsuits and which attorneys will push their clients to settle for less. For example, if your attorney has a reputation for settling low, Nationwide may SERIOUSLY undervalue your claim. If, on the other hand, you have retained a tough “hardball” law firm like ours, Nationwide will know it, and is more likely to pay full value on your claim more quickly.

Weve seen people switch from one law firm to another with a more assertive reputationand they often see their offers increased by thousands of dollars almost immediately! You can TRUST that our law firm wont settle for less than you deserveand we have the resources to take your claim as far as it needs to go.

SECRET #4 – You CANT Trust the Adjuster!

The FIRST THING Nationwide insurance claims adjusters will likely tell you is that you can TRUST them. While many insurance companies rely mostly on computer software to estimate claims, Nationwide adjusters often have more leeway and discretion to use whatever information they can gather. They want you to trust them because they want to get you talking! Then, the adjuster wont hesitate to use your statements AGAINST you!

You have NO obligation to give a recorded statement to an adjuster and it is NEVER a good idea to do so. Instead, always hire one of our attorneys to represent you in ALL of your communications so you can ensure that NOTHING jeopardizes your claim. Having a lawyer who knows the SECRETS of Nationwide can only HELP your situation during the entire claims process!

Contact a Nationwide Insurance Car Accident Claims Law Firm for the Help You Need!

The attorneys of Stewart J. Guss, Attorney at Law are nationally recognized car accident lawyers who have protected the rights of injured car accident victims for more than 20 years. If you were injured in a car wreck and are dealing with a Nationwide claims adjuster, call our office right now to schedule a free consultation! Because we take all of our personal injury cases on a contingent fee basis, you will not owe us a DIME unless we win your case. To schedule your case evaluation, call us today at (800) 898-4877 or contact us now by clicking HERE.

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