What to Do When a Cement Truck Hits You

What to Do When a Cement Truck Hits You

Secrets to Navigating Cement Truck Injuries

Many construction and road projects use large cement trucks to pour building foundations, patios, driveways, streets, and more. Children marvel at these huge trucks with their constantly turning and churning cylindrical trailers, and many kids keep miniature version as toys.

While kids may play with cement truck toys, real cement trucks are anything but toys. They are serious pieces of machinery. Difficult and risky to operate, cement truck operators should always take their jobs very seriously but very often do not.

We all know accidents happen and cement trucks can malfunction or an operator can make a mistake. In any case, anyone hit by these huge trucks can suffer serious, life-changing injuries. They can keep you from working. You will watch the medical bills pile up. Your injuries affect every aspect of your life so fundamentally you no longer enjoy your life. All of this because a construction worker or company didnt act as they should have.

You might wonder, What type of legal rights and options do I have? Thats only understandable! Heres the first secret to making yourself whole after a cement truck accident: The best way to know and protect your rights is to call a lawyer who understands how these cases work. Call the Law Offices of Stewart J. Guss todaywe handle even the most complicated claims involving heavy machinery, such as cement trucks, and were on your side.

At our firm, we have more than 20 years experience in dealing with cement truck accidents. We know the laws, the physics and forces involved, and we know how to win these cases for our clientsso if you were in an accident with a cement truck, call us right now at 1-800-898-4877 or contact us by clicking HERE to discuss your case for free.

ALWAYS Seek Medical Attention

No matter how a cement truck hits you, these monstrous vehicles can injure you. Colliding with a large truck can frighten anyone, and make you feel helpless afterward. Its common to not know what to do. You may not feel pain right away, but maybe youre in shock. You might feel some pain or discomfort, but you may assume its normal after an accidentand may talk yourself out of going to the emergency room. Thats a big mistake.

The second secret to a successful cement truck accident claim: Get an immediate medical evaluation. First, many injuries, like whiplash, dont show up right away, and may remain invisible for a few hours or days. Concussion injuries often have a delayed onset as well. Many people simply feel off or may have slight headaches, which they may think is a result of the stress of their accidents. These symptoms, however, may be the early indicators of a mild to moderate traumatic brain injury. To make sure you receive proper treatments and prevent complications, get your injuries diagnosed as soon as possible.

Now, there is another reason why a quick diagnosis can help you. To recover compensation for those accident-related losses and injuries, you need to prove that the accident caused your specific injuries. This means youll need medical records and documentation of the tie between the accident and your injuriesand waiting too long to see a doctor can cause an insurance company to question the true cause of your injuries. Overall, just remember it is better to be safe than sorry. Go see a medical professional as soon as possible.

Dont Give the Insurance Company a Recorded Statement

Different parties can face liability for your cement truck accident, including the truck operator, the cement company, and the construction company in charge of the project. Claims should be filed with ALL possible partiesand this may mean dealing with multiple insurance adjusters.

One or more of these adjusters will almost certainly ask you to answer questions or give a statement on the record. They may tell you that a recorded statement will only help your casebut this is NOT TRUE.

Insurance companies want to ask you questions and record your answers so they can use the things you say to reduce your claim. They act like they care and get you talkingonly to interpret what you say in different ways to minimize your injuries or losses. Some insurance companies may even claim that you MUST give a recorded statement to process your claim. This is also NOT TRUE. Always speak with an experienced attorney before you ever give any type of recorded statement to an insurance companyotherwise you are almost certain to do more harm than good.

Call an Attorney

Insurance companies will also tell you that its not necessary to call an attorney to help with your claim. Of COURSE they dont want you to have legal advice, as its easier to convince you to accept a lower settlement if you dont know how these cement truck accident claims usually work. Once you hire legal representation, they will deal with our attorneyswho regularly handle injury claims and who wont back down.

A lawyer can help your case by:

  • Determining all possibly liable parties
  • Calculating the total value of your claim
  • Filing your claims with all insurance companies
  • Handling all communications with the insurance adjusters
  • Providing all necessary evidence and documentation of liability and of your injuries
  • Telling you when a settlement is lower than you deserve
  • Negotiating for a higher settlement
  • Determining when the insurance company wont budge and when you must file a personal injury lawsuit to get you the compensation you deserve

We handle all of the above to take the stress off of you and to uphold your rights under the law. Not only can we work to increase the compensation you get, but also your peace of mind. Cement truck accidents are serious matters and you need a serious attorney handling your case who knows how to navigate complex construction injury claims.

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