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16 Mar

Google, Tesla, Lyft, Uber, and even Apple (yes, the infamous iPhone company) all have their feet in the door of […]

16 Mar

“Responsibility. What’s Your Policy?” Yes, Liberty Mutual wants you to think that it has your back and will take responsibility […]

15 Mar

USAA is a major player in the car insurance game in the United States and focuses on insuring members of […]

27 Jan

Car accidents are stressful for both the victim and the person responsible. The victim needs money to pay mounting medical […]

26 Jan

Of all the injuries you can suffer in a traffic accident, a spinal cord injury is often the most devastating. […]

25 Jan

After a car accident, you may feel a lot of pain and worry about your future. You may also feel […]

18 Jan

Your answer: It depends on the phone. In 2011, the U.S. Department of Transportation cracked down on truckers using cell […]

11 Jan

Many personal injury attorneys advertise via all types of media—the internet, television, billboards, and even radio. With so many attorneys […]

05 Jan

For auto accident victims, the days after the crash are spent attending to medical needs, informing family and loved ones […]

04 Jan

Road construction work helps maintain important infrastructure. Motorists need it to maintain, repair, and improve roads, bridges, and highways, which […]