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Car Accident

18 Jun

Car accidents happen every day all over the United States. In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration […]

25 Apr

USAA is a major player in the car insurance game in the United States and focuses on insuring members of […]

18 Apr

“We know from experience.” “We know a thing or two because we’ve seen a thing or two.” What Farmers Insurance […]

11 Apr

Anyone who’s watched TV during the past decade has seen commercials featuring a talking gecko, comedic cavemen, or an announcer […]

07 Nov

Distracted driving describes a range of different behaviors, all with one common theme—they take the driver’s attention away from the […]

01 Nov

With the number of readily available ridesharing services, it’s surprising and unforgivable that anyone would choose to get behind the […]

23 Oct

Anytime you pull onto the road—whether a highway or a residential street— you’ve probably noticed a speeding or tailgating driver. […]

16 Oct

Driving is an immense responsibility, and when we buckle up behind the wheels of our vehicles, we acknowledge this responsibility […]

11 Oct

Although most people drive cautiously, some are bound to drive recklessly—and injure other people as a result. No one anticipates […]

27 Sep

How to Spot a Fatigued Driver

By Stewart J. Guss

Driving safely demands that motorists remain clear-headed and ready to take on the immense responsibility inherent to driving. Fatigued drivers […]