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Houston Drunk Driving (DUI or DWI) Accident Attorneys

Injured by a Drunk Driver?

We all have a responsibility to know when enough is enough. Drunk driving (DUI, and also known as DWI) is one of the top causes of car accidents in Texas, and the real shame is that it is entirely preventable. Not only is drunk driving foolish and irresponsible, it is against the law.  Thousands of accidents in Texas annually are caused all or in part by alcohol, and these accidents can be extremely serious to those involved.  In addition to physical injuries, injuries caused by a drunk driver can result in additional issues, like post traumatic stress disorder.  When injured by a drunk driver, the law is on your side – recoveries in these types of cases can be unusually large, but only if handled by an experienced personal injury attorney.

Why Choose Our Team?

  • Stewart Guss and his team believe in integrity and family values
  • Our attorneys and staff will always be there for you
  • We know that in addition to your physical injuries, emotional symptoms can include rage, anxiety and helplessness
  • With decades of combined experience, Stewart Guss and his team will work tirelessly to recover as much as possible on your drunk driving, DUI, or DWI injury claim
  • And, you don’t pay us anything unless we win your case!

Choose an Attorney with Strength and Experience.

You may also have additional claims against those who served the driver the alcohol under the Dram Shop law, or against those who entrusted the driver with the vehicle. Because drunk driving accident cases can be both complex and emotionally draining, you need a strong yet approachable attorney on your side.

If your life has been affected by a drunk driver, call Stewart Guss and talk about it. Do not sign anything until you speak with us because you risk losing some or all of the compensation that is due to you.

Stewart Guss and his team will do everything possible to obtain the best possible recovery on your claim, and we take pride in treating our clients like family. Pick up the phone and call 281-664-6500 to talk to us about your accident. Remember, your consultation is FREE, and you pay NOTHING unless we win your case!

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