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California’s large population, huge agriculture industry, and position as a leader in other industries keep trucks moving throughout the state AND the nation. Although we depend on trucks and truckers to get the things we want and need, we shouldn’t have to deal with unsafe practices and negligence causing injury. Truck accidents CAUSE CATASTROPHIC and FATAL injuries devastating victims and their families. In most cases, truck drivers can walk away from an accident, while motorists involved in a truck accident have to deal with the aftermath for the rest of their life. No amount of money will undo the damage done by a careless truck driver, but it will help alleviate the financial burden and prevent future careless choices by a driver. Fortunately, the skilled legal team at Trust Guss Injury Lawyers specializes in GETTING RESULTS for clients in the Fresno area who have been injured in truck accidents. If you or a loved one has sustained injuries in a truck accident, contact a first-rate Fresno personal injury law firm who knows how to work with large insurance companies, high amounts of property damage, and catastrophic injuries which accompany a truck accident. Contact us 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for free at 800-898-4877, or online by CLICKING HERE to learn how we can assist you.

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Trust Guss Injury Lawyers’ Truck Accident Injury Lawyers

Truck accident victims NEED skilled lawyers to hold truckers who cause accidents accountable for their actions. An experienced lawyer can help seek compensation for mounting medical bills, lost wages, and the emotional and physical pain victims have to suffer. Victims NEED to concentrate on healing and recovery, while they let their lawyer deal with the bothersome aspects of a lawsuit, like dealing with tricky insurance companies, loads of paperwork, and other legal teams. That’s where the skilled legal team at Trust Guss Injury Lawyers comes in. We are a group of aggressive, problem-solving attorneys, paralegals, and case management specialists dedicated to GETTING THEIR CLIENTS PAID. We currently serve clients in Texas, Louisiana, and California. Our team remains committed to pursuing the best outcome for clients who have been injured in truck accidents. We have recovered MILLIONS for truck accident victims, getting them the compensation they deserve for their accident and injuries. We cannot guarantee results in any case, but we can promise to ADVOCATE for you, help you SEEK JUSTICE, and aggressively NEGOTIATE and LITIGATE your claim to get the best outcome for your case.

Types of Truck Accidents Our Clients Experience

Reckless truck drivers can cause all types of accidents leading to injury and fatality, but three types of accidents are especially affiliated with negligent semi drivers, including:

Jackknife Accidents

One of the first lessons you learn in drivers’ ed. is DON’T SLAM ON THE BREAKS, especially when it’s raining or snowing. Yet, some truck drivers didn’t get the memo. Slamming on the brakes of a semi causes the trailer to skid almost perpendicular to the cab. When a trucker jackknifes his truck, multi-car pileups causing major death and destruction are likely.

Rollover Accidents

When careless truck drivers go to fast around corners or go to fast for conditions, they face the risk of a rollover accident. Rollovers put all other drivers at risk for accident and injury. Not only can trucks roll onto other vehicles, but once they roll over, they often create a road hazard. Oncoming traffic is likely to strike the truck, creating a dangerous multi-vehicle accident.

Cargo Spills

Truck drivers are the captains of their vessel and must make sure their cargo is secure, even if they don’t load it themselves. Loose cargo or cargo which hasn’t been loaded evenly can spill all over the road, landing on other vehicles and causing major pile-ups.

Catastrophic and Fatal Truck Accident Injuries

When you are involved in a truck accident you are at risk for the same types of injuries you might sustain in another type of accident, but they will likely be MUCH WORSE! The sheer massive size of a truck, especially at higher speeds causes more severe injuries which are more likely to be fatal. If you or a loved one has sustained injuries because of a negligent truck driver, you don’t deserve to shoulder the financial burden accompanying a severe injury. At Trust Guss Injury Lawyers, we have helped clients recover damages for many types of injuries. Examples include:

Head and Neck Injuries

Whether blunt force trauma from an object hitting the head during a crash, or jarring of the head from the impact of a collision, truck accident victims often suffer head and neck injuries. Whiplash is the most common neck injury. Many times it heals on its own after a few weeks, but it is painful and can result in chronic pain for life. Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) can devastate victims. Mild TBIs, typically called concussions, usually heal and may not cause issues, but truck accidents don’t usually cause mild TBIs. Instead, victims suffer moderate to severe TBIs leaving permanent brain damage. Victims might struggle with memory, aggression, cognitive functions, and deal with migraines and dizziness for their entire life. Our legal team at Trust Guss Injury Lawyers, helps clients evaluate the full extent of their injuries to ensure they get the compensation they deserve.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Injuries to the spinal cord, especially those which don’t heal on their own, are horrific for victims of truck accidents. Injuries to different areas of the spine result in different types of functional loss. Those who suffer spinal cord injuries might lose function from the neck down, the waist down, or struggle with other functions. Partial paralysis is likely and full paralysis can occur too. When victims are lucky, they are only confined to a wheelchair for a short time because their injury heals. The unlucky ones are confined to a wheelchair for life and may not be able to use their hands and arms, all because of another party’s negligence. WE HOLD NEGLIGENT TRUCKERS AND TRUCKING COMPANIES ACCOUNTABLE when your life is altered drastically. Not only do you have to cope with a disability, but you need to spend money to modify your home and vehicle to function in daily life.

Back Injuries

When truck accidents occur, injury victims can suffer a wide variety of back injuries. They might have cracked vertebrae and herniated discs. Surgery might be able to help in some cases, but most who suffer severe back injuries must endure a life of chronic pain and discomfort. It hurts to sit. It hurts to lie down. It hurts to sleep. When surgery doesn’t alleviate pain, victims are forced to depend on other pain management practices such as cortisone shots and prescription pain killers, neither of which are healthy alternatives. The diligent attorneys at Trust Guss Injury Lawyers will fight to make sure clients with back injuries have the compensation they need to deal with a lifetime of chronic pain.


Severe truck accidents often cause smaller vehicles to crumple. In the worst cases, this means drivers and front-seat passengers risk having their lower extremities badly injured or crushed in the vehicle. In these cases, victims might have to suffer an amputation of one or both legs. Rehabilitation after an amputation requires a wheelchair and going through the frustration and humiliation of learning how to use a prosthetic limb(s). Additionally, those who suffer an amputation might also deal with phantom pain where their limbs used to be. Our firm will help you get the future medical treatment you need and fight to make liable parties pay for the emotional trauma caused by losing a limb.


When large trucks collide with other motor vehicles, fires and explosions might occur if the truck strikes the gas tank. It’s especially likely if the truck is carrying flammable hazardous material. Those who experience burns because of a fire or explosion in a truck accident can face WEEKS, MONTHS, and even YEARS OF RECOVERY. To make matters worse, victims must endure the pain of recovery on top of the initial pain of the injury. Even after extensive time in a burn unit, skin grafting, and reconstructive surgeries in the most severe cases, it’s unlikely a burn victim will ever look the same. Scarring and disfigurement are likely, causing mental anguish and distress above and beyond many other types of injuries. The legal team at Trust Guss Injury Lawyers helps clients through this difficult time.

Negligent Truck Divers Cause Accidents

Truck drivers are professional drivers required to hold commercial drivers’ licenses (CDLs) and adhere to the rules and regulations set forth by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). This means truckers are and should be held to a higher standard, so VIOLATING TRAFFIC REGULATIONS IS UNACCEPTABLE. Yet, the FMCSA reports several truck drivers cause accidents by violating one or more of the following regulations:

Driving While Distracted

Truck drivers who use text or use their cell phone without a hands-free feature are BREAKING FEDERAL LAW, and put other motorists at risk with their careless behavior. Unfortunately, several other distracting behaviors can also lead to truck accidents, but not all of them are illegal. Examples include adjusting a radio, programming a GPS, eating, drinking, reaching for something, and daydreaming. Any action that takes a truck driver’s hands, eyes, or minds away from the road serves as a distraction which can cause severe injury or fatality.


According to the FMSCA, about one-third of all truck accidents resulting in death involve speeding. Large trucks require manual dexterity and control to keep them on the road and drive safely. Even though truck drivers know better, when they make the poor choice to go over the speed limit or go too fast for conditions, they simply don’t have the same control over their truck. If they need to stop or avoid a road hazard, or a tire blows out, they are likely to lose control and cause an accident, especially inclement weather.


Truck drivers work hard and have long demanding schedules, so they ARE ALWAYS IN A HURRY. This leads to speeding, but also leads to tailgating. Large trucks need time and distance to stop. When truck drivers don’t leave an adequate gap between their truck and the vehicle in front of them, they are likely to cause a rear-end collision. When this happens, especially when the front vehicle is small and the truck has some speed, it’s more than just a tap on the back bumper. Semis can practically run over the vehicle in front of them, and might even cause roof crush. The FMSCA recommends drivers leave at least a four-second gap behind the vehicle they are following.

Driving Under the Influence

In this day and age, we know the damage driving under the influence can cause. As professional drivers, there is NO EXCUSE FOR DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE of drugs or alcohol. Yet, some careless truck drivers do it anyway, causing treacherous accidents. Drug and alcohol use slows reaction time for truck drivers, making it unlikely they can stop or maneuver quickly. It also causes fatigued drivers to fall asleep at the wheel easier, which can result in head-on collisions. The legal team at Trust Guss Injury Lawyers will aggressively fight to hold those who use drugs and alcohol behind the wheel accountable for the accidents and injuries they cause.

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