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You might have decided to travel on 10th Ave to visit a popular location in the city. However, another driver crashed into you before you could reach your destination. The damage from the collision can result in multiple bills. However, you are not out of options. If the crash is due to the other motorist’s negligence, you can contact Trust Guss Injury Lawyers. We put clients first while we pursue justice. Our Amarillo car accident lawyers do everything in their power to maximize compensation for injured Amarillo residents. We are a national law firm with multiple offices around the country, including several in Texas. We also work with affiliate law firms in most states that share our focus and dedication to excellence. No matter where you are located, we may be able to help you, so call or contact us now. We are open, for free, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at 800-898-4877, or you may contact us now by clicking here to submit your case for review.

Causes of Car Accidents in Amarillo

A driver's negligence can derive from several sources. They might not take the necessary precautions during hazardous weather. Others violate traffic laws due to road rage, and manufacturers allow defective parts to enter vehicles. Generally, reported motor vehicle collisions are due to:
  • The consumption of alcohol. Over 2,500 people in Texas suffer from injuries every year because of drunk drivers. The effects of alcohol influence a person’s mood and cognitive abilities. Spring break in the area typically sees a rise in DUI-related crashes.
  • Distracted driving. Distractions come in multiple forms. Someone could deal with a manual, visual, or cognitive diversion. Whether a motorist daydreams or messes with the radio, they can still be held liable for your injuries.
  • Speeding. Some people ignore speed limit signs for a variety of reasons. They are more likely to have less time to stop and may collide with someone. Counties like Potter see an estimated 124 speed-related crashes per year. Residents in Randall County may experience a collective of 84 incidents annually.
  • The dusk and dawn hours. The dusk and dawn can lead to car crashes. The angle of the sunlight may shine on a driver’s eyes and cause a glare. The sky may be well-lit, but the roads can still be dark. Therefore, cars need headlights to remain visible to others.
The cause of a car accident is not clear in some cases. An injured person may need a lawyer to investigate their claim and determine who was negligent.

Places Where Car Crashes Happen in Amarillo

Major Urban Roadways

Across Texas, approximately 61 percent of fatal car crashes occur on urban roads like highways and freeways. Residents of Amarillo are more likely to experience a collision on I-40, and I-27 generally has a high accident potential. The city has a population of over 200,000, so the increased number of drivers on the interstates raises the risk. Additionally, the location can see strong winds and heavy rain showers during the spring and summer months. As a result, motorists in the area may struggle to maintain control of their vehicles.


Another common place where accidents happen is an intersection. The authorities report three intersections off Bell Street as dangerous to drivers. The location with the most known crashes is the South Coulter Street and Hillside Road intersection. Some people run red lights or do not yield during a turn. Others become confused about who has the right of way. Side-impact and head-on collisions may occur as a result. Incidents with pedestrians are likely to happen at an intersection’s crosswalk. Amarillo’s population density leads to periods of heavy traffic around intersections. The significant variability in the weather can increase the risk of collisions. For instance, blue northers can bring strong winds and lead to ice on the road.

Two-Lane Streets

The southeastern part of Loop 335 goes from a 4-lane road to two lanes before reaching 34th street. Drivers might be at risk of injuries in the area due to another’s negligence. Two-lane roads may frequently see head-on collisions. If someone is inattentive, they may veer off their lane and into oncoming traffic. However, a few choose to go into the opposing lane to bypass slower motorists. If you experienced a crash on a two-lane road, Stewart J. Guss helps you take the first step to compensation.

Insurance Companies Can Create Challenges

The insurance company may create obstacles when you go through the effort of filing a car accident claim. Some insurers act in bad faith to avoid substantial payments to claimants. One issue you could face is a delay. For example, the insurance company might not answer when you call and phone you at odd hours. The adjuster may take their time to process your claim instead. Delay strategies might result in claimants giving up or agreeing to a lower money offer. If a person delays medical treatment, the insurer might deny the claim. An adjuster could argue the individual exaggerated the severity of their injuries or had a pre-existing condition. Claimants have to spend time and energy to resolve the issue. Other times, the adjuster misrepresents the terms of a policy. You might become confused or believe you do not deserve compensation. Lawyers can protect you from obstacles when you begin a claim. The car accident attorneys at our firm can handle any problems the insurance company tries to throw at us.

Do You Need an Amarillo Car Accident Lawyer?

The appropriate time to hire a car accident lawyer is right after a collision. When you obtain representation early, your attorney has plenty of time to build a strong case. However, some hesitate when considering the possibility of finding a firm. Insurance companies give injured victims several motives to get an attorney. Lawyers prevent unwanted pressure on clients. They can negotiate with the adjuster for a better offer. When you hire our firm, we can:
  • Gather and preserve evidence. Your lawyer knows what pieces of evidence you can use in court. However, businesses may delete footage of the accident weeks later. Skid marks can disappear as well. Lawyers act fast to collect the details and preserve what they find.
  • Provide guidance. Car accident attorneys guide clients through the legal steps. A lawyer assists you with critical decisions in your case to improve your chances of success. Several legal terms may seem confusing, but firms can answer any of your questions.
  • Get expert witnesses. Attorneys have connections to accident reconstruction specialists and other relevant experts. The opinions they give can strengthen your claim in court.
  • Meet deadlines. One reason why the insurer or court denies a claim is due to a missed deadline. Like many states, Texas has a time limit for when residents can pursue reimbursement. Reliable lawyers focus on the paperwork and submit them before the window of opportunity is gone.
  • Calculate damages. When someone proceeds without a lawyer, they are responsible for compensation demands. Calculations for non-economic damages are not straightforward since people cannot quantify mental anguish. An experienced attorney can determine a reasonable number.
A motor vehicle collision firm keeps your interests in mind and protects your rights.

Why Choose Our Firm

A car collision lawsuit can feel like an uphill battle, and the other side counts on the victim not knowing their rights. The personal injury attorneys of Stewart J. Guss can stay by your side and remove some of the legal burdens. Our firm has over 20 years of experience and has helped many clients over the years. We provide compassion while we aggressively fight insurance companies. Furthermore, the NADC recognizes our firm as a member of the Nation’s Top One Percent. Our reputation shows our dedication and results. Our team takes on the responsibility of proving negligence. We conduct in-depth investigations to try and find the evidence you need to win compensation. Every case is different, so we can work with you to select the most effective strategy. We serve clients across Texas, including Amarillo. Stewart J. Guss is ready to assist regardless of where the accident happened.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do You Have to File an Amarillo Car Accident Claim?

The statute of limitations designates how long someone has to bring a car accident case forward. In Texas, injured victims have two years to file a claim from the day of the incident. However, an individual could receive more time under specific circumstances. Additionally, lawsuits against a government agency require a written notice of claim beforehand. A person has approximately six months to submit the document to the correct office. The notice of claim form should include the claimant’s personal information and details of the accident. Once the statute of limitation expires, you are unable to pursue compensation. The other side can request to have the judge dismiss the case. Our car accident lawyers can help you avoid the technicality.

What Lawyer Fees Can You Expect?

Various lawyers use different methods of payment when they offer their legal services. Most car crash attorneys you will find charge a contingency fee. A contingency fee means you do not need to pay anything unless the attorney wins. When you reach a settlement agreement, your attorney removes a portion of compensation as payment. Usually, a firm calculates 33 percent of a settlement. However, some may charge more or less. A lawyer may increase the contingency percentage if the lawsuit advances to the trial stage. The amount is lower if the case settles before you even have to file a lawsuit. However, a potential client can negotiate a reduced fee if they arrive with most of the investigation complete. In addition to a lawyer fee, other litigation costs could apply. Depositions, expert witnesses, and filing documents require money. Usually, the attorney deducts the total expenses once they receive the settlement paycheck. You and your lawyer discuss and agree on the fee and possible expenses before hiring them. During the consultation, you can address any concerns regarding payment.

What Damages Can You Recover?

Compensation for a motor vehicle collision usually consists of one or more damages. What a person can recover depends on the nature of the accident. In general, they can receive money for economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages typically involve past and future medical expenses, physical therapy bills, lost income, and property repairs. The severity of the losses affects how much your case is worth. Furthermore, you could recover losses for funeral and burial expenses if a loved one passed away after the accident. On the other hand, you may be able to claim non-economic damages. Examples include pain and suffering, emotional distress, mental anguish, and loss of companionship. One person’s case is not the same as another’s, so you should ask your lawyer what you can recover. Keep in mind damage caps exist for claims against government departments. The plaintiff can get up to $250,000 for each injured person. A single event has a maximum compensation of $500,000.

Will Your Car Accident Case Go to Trial?

Car accident lawsuits can take a long while to complete, and trials can extend the wait time. The outcome of a trial is less predictable. As a result, people express concerns over the possibility of going before a judge and jury. Many claims resolve in a settlement before the plaintiff needs to file a lawsuit. Both parties are more likely to agree during pre-trial negotiations after filing a lawsuit. Only a few claims reach the courtroom. Your lawyer aims to achieve a favorable outcome before you need to attend a trial. Our office works endlessly to resolve the matter as efficiently as possible.

Should You See a Doctor if You Have No Injuries?

Yes. Even a low-speed accident or other minor collisions might result in serious injuries. A driver might not have visible wounds or feel little to no pain. As a result, they are less likely to see a doctor, but that’s a mistake. You should visit a healthcare worker even if you do not find any bodily harm. An examination could discover an unseen injury. After you get the result, you can start treatment before the condition worsens. Additionally, the records you obtain help you with your claim. Documents from a doctor prove the other side caused damages. The value of your claim goes up as well.

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