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At the Stewart J. Guss, Injury Accident Lawyers, we know why about 1.5 million people live in the San Antonio area and more and more people visit on a regular basis. People come from across the country to see The Alamo, wine and dine on the River Walk, and experience all San Antonio has to offer. Not just an excellent place to visit, we know San Antonio is an excellent place to live. With great schools and educational opportunities, plenty of jobs, and the natural beauty of the area – it’s a great place to live. Of course, with all these new inhabitants, and an ongoing stream of tourists, there is one other thing we can depend on in this city – traffic. Unfortunately, with all that traffic invariably comes traffic accidents.

If you were in a car accident in San Antonio, you may sustain injuries, you may wonder what to do next, and you may not even know where to start. Please know that we offer a FREE consultation, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so call us right now at 800-898-4877, or click HERE to send us a question or get more information. There is NO cost to get a free consultation right now. If you decide to hire us, you pay us nothing up front, and you will pay absolutely nothing at all unless and until weve won your case.

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Car Accidents in San Antonio

Car accidents regularly occur in San Antonio and can cause a wide range of injuriessome that will heal with time, some that cause permanent impairments, and others that prove fatal. Consider the following statistics from one year in San Antonio:

  • Total reported crashes: 42,474
  • Possible injuries: 15,262
  • Reported non-incapacitating injuries: 3,420
  • Reported incapacitating injuries: 756
  • Fatalities: 153

Car accidents are always a risk, and if another drivers negligence leaves you injured, you know the difficulties that result. While a car accident can cause most people to panic, doing so is rarely a great idea. Of course, it’s easy to advise you not to panic, but implementing that advice is another story. What can help is to understand the basics as they apply to car accidents and allow that information to guide you in the aftermath of such an accident.

Your San Antonio Car Accident Attorney

If another driver’s negligence injured you, you need experienced legal counsel. Its as simple as that. Serious car accidents have a lot of moving partsany one of which can trip you up in your efforts to obtain just compensation. Your skilled car accident attorney will focus on what matters while helping to navigate your claim toward its most just resolution. While you get down to the serious work of physical and emotional recovery, allow your dedicated car accident attorney to help guide your claim toward its best possible outcome. A car accident is no time to go rogue—consult one of Stewart J. Guss, Injury Accident Lawyers experienced car accident attorneys.

Car Accidents: Myths and Truths

Weve all heard the myths related to car accidents, but how do you separate the hyperbole from the truth? Read on for the answers.

Just because you meet with a car accident attorney does not mean that your claim will end up in court. In fact, your experienced car accident lawyer will do everything possible to effectively and efficiently wrap up your claimwhich means preparing to go to court but working hard to settle advantageously with the car insurance company.

Not immediately notifying your insurance company after an accident doesnt preclude you from doing so later. While theres typically a statute of limitations related to car accidents, and while time isnt necessarily on your side, no law requires you to speak to your insurance company before youre ready to do soor before youve received adequate guidance from your car accident attorney.

The insurance company is not your friend and doesnt necessarily share your interest in just compensation. In fact, insurance companies are in the business of making money at any cost, which includes dropping claims and minimizing payouts all over the place. While you are not required to make an official statement to the negligent drivers insurance company (and shouldnt do so), you may need to go on the record with your own insurance company. Allow your dedicated car accident attorney to guide you through this process, and remember that short, truthful, and succinct responses that directly address only the question at hand are always the best policy.

Just because you didnt seek immediate medical attention after your car accident doesnt mean that you didn’t suffer injuries in the accident. Car accidents upset and overwhelm many people who dont make the best choices in their aftermaths. In fact, many car-accident victims want to put the whole thing behind them as quickly as possible, which can include ignoring their own health. While its always in your best interest to obtain medical care after an accident, delaying needed care doesnt change that the accident injured you. Making less than optimal choices after an accident doesnt preclude you from obtaining the compensation to which you are entitled.

Dont Panic

Dont panic sounds like such great advice, but if you’re injured by another drivers negligence, panic very well overtakes you. Working knowledge of how to proceed, however, can help you keep panic at bay.

Start here: Exchange insurance and contact information with the other driver and call the police to investigate. (The accident report will help support your claim.)

Even if you consider it a nuisance, contacting the authorities is in your claims best interest. With an official accident report, you preserve an unbiased account of what transpired. When you rely on the negligent drivers word, things can quickly turn ugly (when that once-genial negligent driver suddenly reconsiders what happened—and shifts the fault in your direction). Keep things simple by calling in a police officer. In the event of a serious accident, if theres any possibility that someone sustained injuries, call 911.

Another drivers negligence has caused a car accident, and youve made the requisite call. What comes next? After pulling off the road for safetys sake (whenever possible), first, check to make sure that you didn’t suffer any serious injuries. Then, if youre able, assist anyone injury victimsand if you underwent up-to-date training, provide First Aid until emergency services arrive. Always put safety first.

Evidence in a Car Accident Case

Your car accident claim will likely hinge on evidence collected at the accident scene. If you can gather it yourself, do so, and if you cannot, enlist a bystander. Never overlook these forms of evidence:

  • Smartphone pictures that capture the accident scene from every angle and depict every relevant detail (including damage and license plates).
  • Relevant documents, including police reports, medical bills and reports, and damage estimates.
  • Eyewitness testimony and contact information.
  • A sketch that provides a visual map of how the accident happened, mitigating factors, exact locations, and anything else you consider pertinent.
  • A written record of the accident in your own words that describe every detail you can think of. (The mayhem that envelops car accidents can blur your memory, so write this as soon as you can.)

This evidence will support your account of the accident and will help your car accident attorney effectively and efficiently guide your claim toward its best possible outcome.

The Negligent Driver

Several forms of negligence are commonly associated with car accidents:

Distraction. Distracted drivers are so prevalent that the U.S. government has devoted a website to this dangerous issue,, that classifies distracted driving into three distinct categories:

  1. Visual distractions
  2. Manual distractions
  3. Cognitive distractions

Smartphone use is such an efficient distraction that it manages to incorporate all three classifications at one time. And such use is on the rise. When drivers make the extremely bad decision to focus on anything other than their primary task of driving safely, they endanger everyone with whom they share the road.

Impairment. You know the drilldont drink and drive. Unfortunately, some drivers ignore this obvious safety imperative. Impaired drivers are dangerous drivers who cause serious accidents on our roadways every day.

Aggression. While we lack a precise definition for an aggressive driver, we all know one when we see one. Driving is a complicated task that everyone should always take seriously. It is not a game that a driver can win by one-upping other drivers. Aggressive drivers tend to engage in a combination of aggressive techniques (rather than focusing all of their efforts on one), and they have a variety of options to choose from:
  • Tailgating
  • Gesturing obscenely and screaming at other drivers
  • Honking incessantly and flashing headlights at other drivers
  • Passing on the shoulder
  • Driving erratically by randomly slowing or stopping a car; ignoring traffic signs, lights, and signals; and failing to yield safely or as directed
  • Speeding

While any of these bad-driving strategies present serious dangers, in combination, they become even more deadly. Steer clear of aggressive drivers when you spot them, and alert the authorities (once its safe to do so). You could help prevent a serious accident.

Speed. Many people don’t think of speeding as aggressive driving. Drivers who speed often consider it a personal choice thats theirs to make, but their disastrous choices put other people in danger. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety reports that speeding is one of the deadliest forms of aggressive driving and that it plays a role in about a third of U.S. traffic fatalities. Again, alerting the authorities when its safe to do so could help save a life.

Consult a San Antonio Car Accident Attorney Today

If someone else’s negligence injured you in a car accident, you’re undoubtedly feeling a lot of stress. An experienced San Antonio car accident lawyer can help. Your car accident lawyer will deal with the insurance companies, compile evidence, file a lawsuit when needed, and help guide your claim toward its best possible outcome. Your rights and your rightful compensation matter too much not to fight for a just resolution. Contact a skilled car accident attorney today at the law office of Stewart J. Guss by calling 800-898-4877 or contacting us online.

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