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Even though accidents do happen, many of them are preventable. We all have a specific responsibility toward one another to act safely and reduce the possibility of an accident, especially when we interact with the general public. Car drivers, product manufacturers, and neighbors can be liable when they fail to act responsibly towards us, and we suffer injuries.

You or your loved one have the right to file a personal injury claim against the person whose negligence put you in harm's way. After an injury that was someone else's fault, do not delay. Reach out to an Abilene personal injury lawyer who can help you recover the compensation that you deserve.

Call Stewart J. Guss, Attorney at Law, for a consultation about your case today. Our legal team takes on a wide range of personal injury cases and stands up for the rights of injury victims. If you need assistance following an accidental injury, reach out to our firm as soon as possible for a free case evaluation.

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Personal Injury Guide

Personal injury risks in Abilene

Abilene Personal Injury Lawyer

Many personal injuries in Abilene can lead to legal action.

Some common accidents include:

You can hold several parties liable for a personal injury accident, including:

Negligence in an injury claim

To succeed in your injury claim, you must prove that someone else should be liable for covering your losses. Generally, liability stems from the negligence of other parties, including individuals or entities.

Proving negligence involves showing:

  • The party owed you a duty of care to act in a reasonably safe manner
  • Their actions violated the duty of care to you
  • The violations caused your accident and injuries
  • You suffered damages due to your injuries

If someone acted wrongfully, it might seem obvious that they should have to pay for your losses. However, you must have evidence to prove each element of negligence above to prevail in an injury claim.

Our legal team is well-versed in what it takes to prove negligence to insurance companies or courts of law.

Losses from personal injuries

Each personal injury claim is unique, and each injury will bring different losses. The best way to know what damages you deserve is to speak with our legal team and allow us to evaluate your situation. Below are some common losses our clients suffer in injury claims.

Medical treatment costs

In most personal injury cases, medical treatments are the most sought-after damages. Many accidents can result in severe injuries, and it can take multiple medical treatments to fully recover from them. If the injuries are catastrophic, you may have to pay for these medical services for the rest of your life. Every medical service costs money, from the ambulance ride to the treatment program after recovery and ongoing rehabilitation.

Lost income due to an injury

Another typical damage in a personal injury case is lost income. The recovery process that it will take to overcome your injuries requires a lot of time. The additional time it will take to heal from your injuries may deplete your sick leave and paid time off. Once those options run out, you may have to request time off from work, affecting your income in the long run.

Pain and suffering

In addition to medical expenses and lost income, you can list pain and suffering as compensable losses. Pain and suffering are damages that compensate you for the physical and mental anguish that your accident has caused you. Some people mistake medical expenses for pain and suffering damages, but they are not the same. Even after paying for your medical expenses, your accident can still cause you to experience significant pain or mental trauma. That is why you deserve additional compensation.

Property damage

You can also obtain compensation for any property damage. For example, your vehicle can suffer substantial damage in a car, truck, or motorcycle accident. The money it can take to replace your vehicle or pay for other damaged property can be expensive.

Loss of enjoyment of life

In your personal injury claim, you can also sue for intangible damages you cannot replace. One of those damages is the loss of enjoyment of life. This damage compensates for the loss of true joy and happiness you enjoyed before your accident.

For example, there were probably hobbies or fun social activities that you engaged in before your accident. Due to your injuries, you no longer have the ability to enjoy those activities or that quality time with your family and friends. You may even recover compensation for this damage if your injuries seriously affect your relationships with your family members.

Future losses

Just because you resolve an injury claim does not mean the effects of your injuries simply halt. They might continue for years or the rest of your life. Our attorneys know how to calculate the estimated future medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering you will experience in the future to include as part of your claim.

How Our Abilene personal injury lawyers can help you

When you file a claim for your personal injury, you may not be aware of the various damages you can obtain from your injuries. Even if you are familiar with these types of damages, you may not know how to correctly calculate each of the damages you are trying to obtain from your case.

Even worse, insurance companies trying to lowball you are beginning to hound you and intimidate you into accepting an offer you do not want. When you want to receive the maximum compensation for your injuries, you need an experienced Abilene personal injury lawyer on your side. Here are several ways our personal injury lawyers can help you fight for compensation.

Using a client-based approach every step of the way

While many personal injury lawyers put their best interests ahead of their clients, we put our client’s needs first in every step of the process. We aim to constantly communicate with our clients and ensure we design every strategy in their best interests. Every action we take intends to serve our clients.

Properly investigating the facts of your accident

Just because most accidents fall under personal injury law, it does not mean that every case requires the same type of evidence. Our Abilene personal injury lawyers are familiar with the different types of personal injury action and what it takes to prove them. We can thoroughly investigate your accident and gather the most robust evidence possible for your case. We are more than capable of collecting whatever evidence you need for your claim.

Fighting against insurance companies on your behalf

Another way that we can assist you with your injury case is by negotiating on your behalf against the insurance companies. There might be many chances during your claim where you can negotiate with the insurance companies about the compensation you deserve.

Unfortunately, you will have to overcome many obstacles and stalling tactics before reaching a mutual agreement. Your injury lawyer can influence the insurance companies to meet your demands. Because a personal injury lawyer knows what to expect from insurance companies, they can best counter their tactics and fight for full compensation for your losses.

Even with your personal injury lawyer on your side, the insurance company may continue to be stubborn and fail to reach a mutual agreement with you. When that happens, you can allow your claim to proceed to trial. Your personal injury lawyer can provide the best legal representation for you and increase your chances of receiving your desired settlement or verdict.

An experienced personal injury lawyer has the necessary experience preparing for depositions, cross-examining the defendant, and preparing witnesses for their testimonies. You should stay focused on your medical care and allow a legal professional to navigate the complex litigation process for you.

Abilene Personal Injury FAQs

What do I need to look for in an Abilene personal injury lawyer?

Some aspects that you want to look for in a personal injury lawyer include someone skilled in communication, with the right experience dealing with personal injury cases like yours, and a lawyer's track record of successfully handling similar cases.

In addition to openly communicating with you, you want to ensure that your personal injury lawyer has adequate resources to take on insurance companies and adverse parties. Use your free consultation to ask as many questions as you want to ensure you choose a lawyer who is the right fit for your situation.

When should I contact an Abilene personal injury lawyer?

The sooner you reach out to a personal injury lawyer about your case, the sooner your personal injury lawyer can help with every aspect of your case. For example, you can reach out to a personal injury lawyer immediately following your accident, and your lawyer can assist with filing your claim and assessing your damages. It is never too soon to seek legal help following an injury, as we can begin handling the legal process while you undergo medical treatment. Waiting too long can jeopardize your claim.

What should I do if the insurance company keeps contacting me?

If you are receiving messages from the insurance company requesting additional information, refer them to your personal injury lawyer or seek assistance from a personal injury lawyer immediately if you have not already. There is a reason that the insurance company is hounding you. They are trying to take advantage of your weakened state and find additional information they can use against you. Insurance companies will stop harassing you once they know that a personal injury lawyer is representing you.

How long does it take to settle my Abilene injury claim?

The length of time that it will take to resolve your injury claim depends on several factors. Some factors include the type of accident you were involved in, the severity of your injuries, whether you can recover from them, and how likely you can prove the other party's liability. The damages you demand can also affect the time needed to resolve your claim. The insurance company's actions can also affect how long it will take to settle. Insurance companies often stall as much as possible to resist settling.

While we cannot promise a quick timeline for your claim, we can promise to keep the process moving as efficiently as possible. We know you are anxious to recover financial support following your injuries. Still, we take all the necessary steps to ensure you receive the best possible outcome, even if it takes longer than you might expect.

How much will I have to pay for a Abilene personal injury lawyer?

One benefit of personal injury lawyers is that we receive payment on a contingency fee basis. That means we do not receive payment for our attorneys' fees unless we successfully win your injury case. You owe nothing upfront or while your case is pending.

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