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Pedestrian Accident Attorney in Houston

By: Stewart J. Guss

Know Your Rights and What To Do

Any accident involving a motor vehicle can result in serious injuries, but an accident between a car and a pedestrian can be particularly nasty.

If you are going to operate a motor vehicle, you have a responsibility to watch out for pedestrians walking on the road or in a parking lot. Some motorists don’t pay enough attention, often with tragic results. Having seen the results of many collisions between an automobile and a pedestrian, Stewart Guss is in a unique position to evaluate your case, fight for your rights and seek full compensation for your injuries.

If you or a loved one was in an auto-pedestrian accident, you may have questions about “what to do next,” and you may not even know where to start.  Our Houston pedestrian accident attorneys offer a FREE consultation, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so call us right now at 800-898-4877, or click HERE to send us a question, or get more information. There is NO cost to get a free consultation right now.  If you decide to hire us, you pay us nothing upfront, and you will pay absolutely nothing at all unless and until we’ve won your case.

Texas Pedestrian Related Injuries and Crashes in 2018


Why Choose Our Team?

  • Stewart Guss and his team believe in respect, integrity, and family values
  • Our attorneys and staff will always be there for you!
  • With decades of combined experience, Stewart and his team will work tirelessly to recover as much as possible on your claim. Auto/pedestrian cases can be complex and involve serious injuries, so you need an experienced attorney on your side
  • And, you don’t pay us anything unless we win your case!

Choose an Attorney with Strength and Experience

Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in Houston

If you sustain injuries because you are hit by a car or other vehicle while walking on a street, sidewalk or parking lot, you have important legal rights. It is important, however, that you taking certain steps to preserve your rights and assert your claims for injury.

For these reasons, if you are ever injured when struck by a car, it is particularly important that you hire an effective and experienced auto-pedestrian attorney to protect your rights. Stewart Guss has the experience, skills, and dedication to vigorously pursue your rights in the unfortunate event of an accident involving a car and a pedestrian.

If you’ve been injured in an auto-pedestrian accident, call Attorney Guss and talk about it. Do not sign anything until you speak with us because you risk losing some or all of the compensation that is due to you.

Stewart Guss and his team will do everything he can to obtain the best possible recovery for your injuries, and he takes pride in treating his clients like family. Pick up the phone and call 800-898-4877 to talk to us about your auto-pedestrian accident. Remember, your consultation is FREE, and you pay NOTHING unless we win your case!

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