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SECRETS of Walmart Slip and Fall Injury Claim Handling Exposed!

With thousands of store locations throughout the United States, chances are you’ve been in a Walmart at least once.  With 138 million store visits per week, chances are you’ve been in a Walmart more than just once!  While there are no definitive published statistics, anecdotal evidence (and my 20+ years experience handling serious slip and fall injury claims) indicates that more slip and fall injuries occur at Walmart stores than any other major retailer in the country.


SECRET NUMBER ONE:  There is an ENTIRE company dedicated to avoiding responsibility for Walmart injury claims – “Claims Management, Inc.”  If you have been injured at a Walmart store, you were probably contacted by an employee of Claims Management, Inc. or “CMI.”  CMI is the company that Walmart uses to try and mitigate and minimize the effects of the thousands of injury claims filed against it every year.  Think about that – there is a whole corporation out there whose sole purpose is to try and avoid responsibility and minimize what they pay when people are injured because of Walmart’s negligence.

SECRET NUMBER TWO:  CMI will say anything to get your recorded statement.  DON’T DO IT!  I have been amazed in my career in the number of different things that people have told me about dealing with CMI before they hired me.  The one universal constant is that CMI will say and do just about anything to take your recorded statement after a slip and fall injury at Walmart.  It is quite common for CMI representatives to tell people that they have a “right” to take a recorded statement.  This is simply not true!  A defendant in a personal injury claim has no “right” to a recorded statement prior to a lawsuit being filed.  While Walmart can take a Plaintiff’s deposition after a claimant has filed a lawsuit, at least the Plaintiff’s lawyer will be present to prevent abuse and misrepresentations during that statement.  CMI representatives will often tell people that they are “just trying to help them get their medical bills paid” when they ask for the recorded statement.  Once again, this is not true.  Remember, the goal of CMI is to help Walmart AVOID paying for those medical expenses.

SECRET NUMBER THREE:  Claims Management, Inc. will imply that they have accepted responsibility and will pay your medical bills.  DON’T BE FOOLED!  I am constantly amazed at the number of clients that have hired me several weeks or months after a slip and fall injury incident at Walmart who tell me the exact same story:  When they first spoke to the claims representative at CMI, the representative indicated that Walmart would pay for their medical bills.  My clients told me that the CMI employee was kind, concerned, and very sympathetic.  In light of such kind treatment and implications that their bills would be paid if they would only cooperate with the investigation, my clients then proceeded to give statements and take actions which were directly against their legal interests.  Then, days or weeks later, with medical bills in hand (sometimes thousands of dollars in medical bills), they are told that their claim has been denied.  The “peaches and cream” they heard from the lips of the CMI representative somehow turned into curdled milk and rotten fruit.  Unfortunately, more often than not, my clients’ claims have been denied because of the statements they themselves gave to the “kind and caring” CMI investigators over the phone.  (See secret number two!)

SECRET NUMBER FOUR:  CMI may share information about your claim with others.  CMI’s own privacy policy states that they can share personal information about you and your claim whenever they feel “. . . sharing is necessary to protect the safety, property, or other rights of our associates, or any other person.”  Hmm…  Necessary to protect the property rights of any other person?  In other words, CMI can share information with other corporations and insurance companies about your claim in case someone wants to use that information against you.  Welcome to Walmart, ladies and gentlemen, and say hello to big brother!

Time and again, I’ve been contacted by clients who have told me the same horror stories over and over about dealing with CMI representatives after a Walmart slip and fall injury accident.  Time and again, I’ve put on my shining armor and gone to battle against the Walmart dragon.  I’m proud to say that I have had numerous victories for my clients after Walmart slip and fall injury accidents, including numerous recoveries in excess of six figures!  While slip and fall injury cases are some of the most difficult cases to prove, and while I can’t promise to win every case I take, I CAN promise you this:  I will do EVERYTHING I can to combat Claims Management, Inc. and its tactics and get you the compensation you deserve if you are injured in a Walmart slip and fall accident.

Have you sustained serious injuries in a slip and fall accident at a Walmart or Sam’s Club?  Have you been tricked or deceived by CMI’s claims handling practices?  Please tell me about it HERE, and help me preserve the rights of those injured at Walmart!

Nationally recognized slip and fall attorney Stewart J. Guss, with principal offices in Houston, Texas, has spent 20 years helping victims protect and preserve their rights after a slip and fall accident at Walmart and many other retail and business establishments.  For a free consultation, please call us right now at 800-898-4877.  Remember, there is no charge for the consultation, and we charge no fee unless we win your case.

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