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Did you suffer injuries due to a defective product or drug?

Did you discover that many other parties have suffered similar damages, leading to a mass tort lawsuit against the party that caused your injuries?

When you must participate in a mass tort claim, you need a mass torts attorney to help represent your best interests and ensure that you get fair compensation for your injuries. Contact Stewart J. Guss Injury Accident Lawyers at 866-980-3918 to learn more about your rights in a mass tort claim.

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Trust Guss with Your Mass Tort Claim

At Stewart J. Guss Injury Accident Lawyers, we have more than 20 years of experience dealing with injury claims across the United States.

We have received substantial recognition for our efforts for our clients:

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At Stewart J. Guss Injury Accident Lawyers, we aim to help our clients establish their right to participate in a mass tort claim and pursue the full compensation they deserve as part of that claim.

We make sure every client fully understands their rights.

Participating in a mass tort claim can prove confusing. You may have many questions about what comes next: how to ensure you get the full compensation you deserve and calculate reasonable compensation. Not only that, individual claimants in a mass tort claim may feel as though they get lost in the shuffle.

At Stewart J. Guss Injury Accident Lawyers, we work with each client to ensure they fully understand their rights and the steps they need to take to preserve their right to compensation.

We relentlessly pursue the justice our clients deserve for their injuries.

At Stewart J. Guss Injury Accident Lawyers, we understand that pursuing justice as part of a mass tort claim can feel daunting. Our attorneys have the experience needed to walk each client through the claim process and fight for the compensation they deserve.

We will do whatever is necessary to ensure our clients can hold the party that caused their injuries accountable and get the aid and support they need. Whether we settle the claim in negotiations or take a mass tort claim to court, we will continue to fight for our clients’ rights.

Some clients find it difficult to access the legal support they need, especially as part of a mass tort claim. At Stewart J. Guss Injury Accident Lawyers, we want to make that legal support as accessible as possible. We start with a free consultation to discuss whether you may have the right to participate in a mass tort claim and how you can best take your next steps. Then, we accept claims on a contingent fee basis.

Do you have grounds to participate in a mass tort claim due to damages caused by the liable party’s negligence? Trust Guss. Call Stewart J. Guss Injury Accident Lawyers today to schedule your free consultation.

Recovering Compensation as Part of a Mass Tort Claim: What to Expect

Mass tort claims typically involve many people who have suffered similar damages. To file a mass tort claim, attorneys and plaintiffs will generally work together to help collect evidence related to the claim and establish liability on the part of the party that caused those damages.

Unlike a class action lawsuit, a mass tort claim does not treat every plaintiff’s claim as having equal value. Instead, a mass tort claim will look at the damages suffered by each individual party involved in the lawsuit.

That means each plaintiff will recover compensation based on the damages they sustained.

Your lawyer will want to take a comprehensive look at all the damages you suffered because of the defendant’s negligence to help form a compelling claim representing your damages. At Stewart J. Guss Injury Accident Lawyers, we cannot guarantee the compensation you will walk away with as part of a mass tort claim. Still, we can make sure you consider all the damages you may have suffered.

Compensation for Any Medical Costs

Often, the medical bills associated with injuries represented by a mass tort claim can prove catastrophic. Negligent actions on the part of a medical device company, for example, can cause serious, ongoing issues for the injured party, including the need for substantial medical treatment. By working with an attorney, you can lay out all those medical expenses in a clear, compelling way that establishes the full compensation you may deserve.

Compensation for Wage Losses

Did you have to miss work because of injuries caused by the defendant’s negligent actions? If so, it may not take long for you to notice those costs adding up. You may have immense challenges associated with a lack of income while you recover from your injuries. As part of your claim, you can include compensation for those damages.

Compensation for Property Damage

Sometimes, mass tort claims will involve significant property damage. Damaged or dangerous construction materials, for example, might lead to substantial structural problems, while damaged vehicle components can substantially raise the risk of a devastating accident. You may have the right to include compensation for that property damage as part of your claim.

Compensation for Your Suffering and Difficulties

In many cases, while you may have significant financial struggles related to your injuries, you may also face immense suffering.

Suffering may include:

  • Physical pain.
  • Immense inconvenience in your personal life.
  • Any emotional anguish associated with the event.

Talk to Stewart J. Guss Injury Accident Lawyers about the challenges caused by the incident so that you can include those challenges as part of a comprehensive injury claim.

Common Mass Tort Claims

Mass Tort Claims

Mass tort claims generally occur when the defendant commits a large-scale act of negligence that impacts many people.

Defective Medical Devices

Each year, millions of medical devices end up recalled due to damage that can pose a substantial danger to the patients who use them. Defective medical devices often end up implanted in or used on multiple patients before the potential dangers associated with them come to light. It can take time to notify everyone and get those devices off the market. In the meantime, people may continue to sustain severe injuries.

Defective Drugs

Like medical devices, defective drugs can cause serious problems. Often, drug recalls occur because the FDA learns about side effects not noticed before the product went on the market. Those side effects can, in many cases, cause long-term or even lifelong complications for the patients who used them, especially patients who may have used those substances long-term.

Defective or Damaged Products

When a consumer buys a product, the consumer usually expects that product to provide what it says it will without causing undue danger. Unfortunately, in many cases, defective or damaged products can end up causing serious injury to the people that use them. Products may end up breaking in unexpected ways or functioning in ways that the user cannot compensate for, all of which can lead to serious injury.

Toxic Substance Exposure

When companies accidentally release toxic substances into the environment, they can impact many people before the company can move toward remediation. Toxic substance exposure may cause short-term health problems in people who face that exposure or increase the risk of long-term health problems, including the likelihood of developing several types of cancer. Toxic substance exposure symptoms may not appear until years after the initial exposure.

Large-Scale Disasters

In some cases, large-scale disasters can lead to mass tort claims. A building collapsing, for example, could cause large-scale damage to multiple parties, including severe injury or death. Often, the plaintiffs in a large-scale disaster will decide to join together in a mass tort claim to make it easier to consolidate the evidence.

Mass Tort FAQ

What is the difference between a mass tort claim and a traditional injury claim?

A mass tort claim involves multiple plaintiffs, all of whom suffered similar damages or damages under similar circumstances due to the defendant’s negligence. As in a traditional injury claim, plaintiffs will claim compensation based on the specific damages they suffered due to the negligence of the liable party. However, the lawyers involved in the mass tort claim will work together and may present the claim as a whole.

A combined strategy makes it easier to submit evidence of liability and clearly establish what compensation the liable party may deserve, including expert witness testimony that clearly establishes the negligent actions of the defendant or the suffering faced by the plaintiffs.

How do mass tort claims differ from class action lawsuits?

In a class action lawsuit, every party injured by the defendant will work together to file a claim. Generally, the legal team will determine compensation in a class action lawsuit based on the damages suffered by a party used as an example. That party’s losses will serve as the standard for compensation for everyone involved in the claim.

In most cases, everyone involved in a class action lawsuit who suffered similar damages due to the plaintiff’s negligence will receive the same damages, even though some plaintiffs may have suffered far more damages than others as part of that negligent act.

For example, some parties who received a damaged hip replacement part might have suffered immense pain and ongoing difficulties and limitations. In contrast, others may have relatively minor damages that they have to contend with. Both parties, however, might recover the same damages. Class action lawsuits may also have limitations based on the total value of the claim.

In a mass tort claim, on the other hand, each plaintiff will receive compensation based on the specific losses suffered by that party.

What does a lawyer do during a mass tort claim?

Mass Tort Attorney
Stewart J. Guss, Mass Tort Attorney

A lawyer can offer many advantages during a mass tort claim.

A lawyer can:

  • Make sure that you fully understand the compensation you deserve. Often, going into a serious injury claim, the plaintiffs do not realize how much compensation they can claim for their injuries. As a result, many people end up walking away without the full compensation they might otherwise deserve or expect for those injuries.
  • Seek evidence related to your mass tort claim, including evidence of the defendant’s liability.
  • Work with other attorneys in the mass tort claim to ensure a seamless case that clearly establishes your right to compensation.
  • Lay out your claim in a clear, compelling way. Often, having an attorney put together your claim will make the losses you sustained more obvious, which may make it easier for you to get the full compensation you may deserve.
  • Negotiate for you. Frequently, settlements, including mass tort settlements, will take a long time to negotiate, even after the liable party has accepted responsibility for those negligent actions. By working with an attorney, you can feel more confident about those negotiations.
  • Represent you if the case goes to court. In many cases, mass tort claims may end up in court as the liable party or its insurance company fights to limit the compensation you can recover as much as possible. By working with an attorney, you can receive the clear representation and advice you need to manage your claim effectively.

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