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Secrets of Allstate Auto Accident Claims REVEALED!

Allstate Accident Claims Houston

Insurance companies are a mystery to most people. You pay your premiums and dont really understand where that money goes. When you make a claim after a car accidenteither with another drivers insurer or your ownyou expect those premiums to come back to you in the form of a reasonable settlement. Aside from the legal obligation, it’s the reason you have insurance, after all. Instead, the insurance companies offer you a ridiculously low offer, and its only natural for you to feel angry and confused about the insurance process!

Allstate is one insurance company that constantly reminds us, Youre in good hands. This has been the companys motto since the 1950s but believe usyou are NOT in their good, helpful hands, as promised. Many people who make claims with Allstate come away feeling nothing but disappointed and helpless! Luckily, the legal team at the firm of Stewart J. Guss, Attorney at Law, has seen every trick of the insurance trade. We understand how Allstate treats its customers who open claims—and how to fight back against their tricking tactics.

The legal team at Stewart J. Guss, Attorney at Law, is are dedicated to educating the general public about some little-known secrets pertaining to Allstate auto accident claims. Were also here to help you handle every step of your claim, so please contact our office for your free consultation as soon as possible at (800) 898-4877 or by CLICKING HERE!


Insurance adjusters will try to butter you up and get you to trust them. They may seem concerned about your well-being, when, in fact, they are only trying to get you to open up to them. Adjusters will usually ask you for a recorded statement and, if they’ve convinced you to trust them, you are more likely to give it to them.

ALWAYS remember that an adjusters objective is NOT to protect you and your rights. Their specific job is protecting Allstate from liability.

Allstatelike any other insurance companyinstructs its adjusters to minimize payments whenever possible. Anything an adjuster asks is usually to achieve that goalespecially when they ask for a recorded statement! You have NO obligation to provide oneand doing so may hurt your claim in ways you never imagined. Instead, find an attorney ASAP to communicate with the insurance adjuster on your behalf.


You also may believe that the adjuster will notate everything you say about your expenses, your pain and suffering, and other injury struggles to heart and incorporate all of that into your settlement offer.

Well, what most people DONT know is that Allstate is one of several companies that uses a COMPUTER PROGRAM to determine your settlement offer instead of human judgment!

The adjuster often simply collects data and inputs the information into software called Colossus. The software then spits out a number for your offer. Adjusters have minimal discretion when it comes to straying from the offer range computed by Colossus, or adjusting data based on extenuating circumstances.


Many people will rightfully believe in the seriousness of their situationsonly to have an insurance adjuster downplay their injuries and suffering! There are two main reasons for this: First, they are trying to get you to minimize your expectations on what you think your case is worth so you are more likely to accept a lowball offer. Second, they want you to believe that that your case is so small that you don’t need to call a lawyer.

Allstate does NOT want you to have a lawyer representing you throughout your claim. They know that an experienced attorney will know their tricks, and tendencies to make LOW offers. Without an attorney handling your claim, you may feel more inclined to accept an inadequate offer for many reasons. You may think its all you can getits NOT. You may think you have no other option but to accept a first settlementyou DO have options. You may think receiving a check quickly is the best thing for youits NOT. That lowball initial settlement will leave you with uncovered losses and deprive you of the chance to ask for what is your rightful settlement! Retaining a lawyer to handle your injury claim and review every offer is often the BEST choice you can make.


If another driver has insurance, its easy to assume that the insurance process will resolve your case and that you wont have to go to court. Many people see filing a lawsuit as a drastic measure, but WE KNOW that its often part of a strategy to get the compensation you deserve from an insurer.

After an insurance adjuster makes an inadequate offer, our attorneys work to negotiate a higher payment that will actually cover your losses. Sometimes, negotiations result in the offer you need—but sometimes, Allstate insists on keeping its offer low. Instead of settling for whatever they are willing to offer, we can take the next step and file a lawsuit for you.

When you file a personal injury lawsuit against a negligent driver, you are ALSO filing against the insurance company, because the insurance company will pay any judgment up to the policy limits. Insurance companies generally dont want to spend the time and money defending claims in court, so they tend to make higher offers during settlement negotiations once litigation has started. While nobody can guarantee results in car accident cases, its our experience that Allstate and many other insurers will often increase their offers when facing a lawsuit.

Contact Our Allstate Insurance Claim Attorneys as Soon as Possible!

If you need to file an auto accident claim with Allstate or any other insurance company, you need a lawyer on your side who knows their secrets, and of how to handle these claims. You need a law firm that is not afraid to battle it out in court when necessary to protect the interests of its clients. The nationally recognized team at Stewart J. Guss, Attorney at Law, does NOT back down to insurance companies—we FIGHT for YOU.

We have fought against insurance companies like Allstate and on behalf of our injured clients for more than 20 years. Because we take all of our personal injury cases on a contingent fee basis, you will not owe us a DIME unless we win your case! We’re available 24/7 for your case evaluation, so call us today at (800) 898-4877 or contact us now by CLICKING HERE.

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