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New Year’s Eve at Home

By Stewart J. Guss on April 10th, 2012

In my opinion, its just not worth it. I know many people enjoy going out on New Years Eve, and I certainly don’t blame them! For me and my family, we generally just stay at home (particularly now that we have young kids.) My wife and I enjoy a good glass of wine (or two) as much as everyone else, but it seems like New Years Eve has become the “superbowl” of drunk driving accidents.

Perhaps it is because I’m a personal injury lawyer and I see the aftermath all too often, but I am really paranoid about getting out on the road on this holiday. Accident attorneys tend to see many car crashes, but drunk driving incidents are often much more severe and involve greater consequences. Its one thing to not be paying attention, apply your brakes too late and rear end someone in heavy traffic – people are hurt in this situation all the time. Often though, drunk driving collisions involve people who have literally passed out behind the wheel. I’m working on a couple of cases like that right now in the firm.

As I mentioned, we enjoy a good glass of wine and a party as much as the next folks, but we take it easy on New Year’s Eve. Just something to think about…

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