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Attorney Stewart J. Guss Launches Houston Traffic Sentiment Map

By: Stewart J. Guss

Living in Houston comes with some amazing perks. It’s a beautiful city, with endless activities, and a great community. However, that isn’t without drawbacks, and traffic is one of them. Traffic in Houston is bad at best, and awful at it’s worst. Constant highway repairs, lane changes, and detours can make getting around Houston quite a challenge – even on a Sunday.

Most people use social media, and one of the most-popular social media channels for quick thoughts, rants, and raves is Twitter; and Twitter is flourishing with Houstonians sentiments on their local traffic.  The Law Office of Stewart J. Guss has just launched their Houston Traffic Sentiment Map, which shows the overall feel Houstonians have regarding their commutes and their on-the-road experiences around the Houston area. Please keep in mind – this tool contains a live, unfiltered twitter feed and some Houstonians can be VERY colorful when expressing their opinions about traffic, so this may be “NSFW!”

While this map includes up-to-the-minute updates on traffic in Houston, it also features some traffic-related Twitter gold.

You’ll see at the top there’s an overall feeling gauge, with the live feed of Houston traffic related tweets below.

The Law Office of Stewart J. Guss is always striving to make Houston a safer place, and being aware of traffic and road conditions plays an important part in that. If you or someone you know has been injured in an accident, or is in need of legal representation,  The Law Office of Stewart J. Guss is here to help.


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